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David B. Lawson, President Have you tried putting it together this way?” This is what David B. Lawson asks his kids, when he plays LEGO with them on weekends. By creatively reassembling the pieces as many times as it takes, he enables them to build the final structure the best way possible, with the right mix of colors and blocks.

On weekdays, his team at Azzaron, Inc. hears the same from him. As the President, Tech Lead and Architect of Azzaron, Lawson, along with his team, ensures that customers are endowed with the best possible concoction of technology “pieces” to run a successful business on a fixed budget. With this philosophy, Azzaron today has built a niche in delivering packaged infrastructure solutions—known to most as Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS)—that enhance economical productivity for its customers. Underscoring affordability, Lawson says, “Our idea is to put enterprise-grade technology into the hands of customers who normally can’t afford it or architect their own workspace.”

"When we architect a package for an industry, we look for the best-of-breed tools that fit the bill"

A typical workspace is the one that includes a hosted desktop, connected to centralized servers, delivering a multitude of domain-specific productivity tools and applications, secured by appropriate security and policy protocols. Azzaron has laid its winning wager on developing purpose-built infrastructure that serves the need of specific verticals by putting together a packaged workspace that makes sense for a good number of companies operating in those diverse markets. “We provide turnkey WaaS solutions for several industries, including, but not limited to, construction, manufacturing, veterinary, legal, and finance,” evinces Lawson.

The Age of Purpose-Built Infrastructure

“When we architect a package for an industry, we look for the best-of-breed tools that fit the bill, before deploying it,” states Lawson. “And that’s where Citrix comes in, through its virtualization and networking division of products.” Falling in-line with Azzaron’s inclination, the theme of the discussion at last year’s Citrix Annual Service Provider Partner Accelerator workshop at Chicago revolved around niche markets; and Azzaron knew that its strategy was precisely on track. At the workshop, Azzaron was recognized by Citrix for making headway in the purpose-built infrastructure market, when Azzaron demonstrated how it has successfully been helping industry-specific companies quickly ramp up a fully functional workspace.

Citrix allows us to provision and deploy users on-demand with its application virtualization technology

In terms of the delivery of desktop and applications, most of Azzaron’s customers are in the process of migrating or have already moved away from Remote Desktop-based systems toward Citrix-based paradigms, owing to its enhanced security, redundancy, reliability, and speed. With different levels of service—basic and deluxe—Azzaron’s packages are wrapped around the end-to-end value chain, from data storage and database management to security protocols, managed services and support. What’s more, the entities that constitute these tightly built packages are hand-picked by Azzaron, which ensures that the client gets complete compliance and doesn’t miss out on key elements of a productive infrastructure.

There is a reason why Azzaron has chosen this custom-built package as opposed to an à la carte model—it impacts the affordability and serviceability of solutions. “For instance, when a payroll company comes to us and is given the option of daily or hourly backup, and if there is a cost differential between the two, they often choose the economical option,” says Lawson. “In these cases, by determining the best practices for a particular industry and bundling the entities, we offer a flat per-user monthly cost, so that the owner doesn’t have to think about making decisions that will ultimately affect the security and stability of data.”

From a security standpoint, the company’s all-inclusive pricing will help business owners make smarter decisions, taking away the risk factor of having to decide whether or not to upgrade or deploy security, intrusion detection, or content filtering. “As a part of our security measures, we continue to upgrade the infrastructure regularly, keep them updated on the latest versions of Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Windows, antivirus, leak-loss prevention, and other applications,” affirms Lawson.

Where Cloud Meets Citrix

In the initial days, when Azzaron stepped into purpose-built infrastructure, Lawson realized that business owners were not interested in gambling in the economy anymore. But customers also didn’t know how to adapt to a commodity-driven market. “Particularly our customers from veterinary and construction were frustrated by the unpredictability of a usage-based model, while having second thoughts about buying IT resources and investing in systems they probably would either outgrow or not need in six months,” he notes. “Here, Citrix allowed us to provision and deploy users on-demand with its application virtualization technology.”
For Azzaron’s customers, this cloud-style user-based subscription model meant that they no longer had to worry about future investments and kept employee cost in check. Secondly, the strategy made remote workforce a reality.

The remote approach is being effectively used for particular industries that rely largely on a field workforce, where employees need access to reports, emails, and various apps. Azzaron leverages Citrix to deliver these applications and virtual desktops to mobile devices. “We hear stories every day about how Citrix has come to the rescue of a user on a job site,” illustrates Lawson. All they had to do is use their iOS or Android device and securely connect to the system to check project costs from their corporate accounting database. “As most industries move toward mobility, we see Citrix playing a crucial role in delivering the necessary domain-specific applications.”

Low-Impact Computing

In an effort to set an example to cloud and the burgeoning mobile workforce adopters, Azzaron itself has adopted a remote work environment. Being powered by Citrix allows the Azzaron teams to work from outside office premises and the company stands an exemplar to low-impact computing, eliminating a good portion of time on road. “Often, it comes as a surprise for most of our customers, when they think our team members are just a cubicle away from each other, when in reality, they are collaborating from remote locations, while exhibiting high levels of efficiency,” elaborates Lawson. Throughout the years since Azzaron’s inception, this attribute has brought in a host of customers. For a company that entirely relies on word-of-mouth marketing, Azzaron among other partners has caught the attention of Citrix. Recently, when Azzaron hosted its first ever promotional event, Citrix employed one of its representatives to man Azzaron’s booth at the conference. “Coming from Citrix, this was a huge boost to us, as they had recognized what we were trying to accomplish and helped us grow further,” denotes Lawson.

Azzaron intends to lead with value, enabling organizations—especially owner-operator ones—to enhance their productivity. To that end, the company is empowering organizations to work more efficiently and cost effectively through agile, highly redundant, purpose-built IT infrastructure products. By engaging in frequent service provider meet-ups, Azzaron also ensures that it knows the Citrix stack inside out, including product updates, new features, and security protocols.

Today, Lawson is proud in saying that Azzaron is the first point of contact, when its customers face operational hiccups of any kind. The credit goes to the company’s pin-pointed focus on being a niche expert that helps its clients tackle multifarious situations. Along with Citrix’s affiliation, Azzaron will no doubt augment value to its manifold customers, by helping them facilitate the next-gen workforce to be more productive than ever.

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