B-Trnsfrmd : A Holistic Approach to Business Transformation

Gans Subramanian, Managing Director, Nirav Dagli – Managing Director
With digital transformation topping most board room agendas, organizations are in a hurry to digitize their business processes and strike success with pilot programs. However, such activities do not quickly scale across the entire enterprise, limiting an organization’s capability to fully realize the benefits from their investments. According to Gans Subramanian, Managing Director of B-TRNSFRMD, the most significant barrier to scaling is that service providers fail to take a holistic approach while laying the foundation for digital transformation. As a boutique consulting firm, B-TRNSFRMD comes to the fore by offering agile business transformation solutions to address this pressing need. The company realizes that many customers who look toward transforming their businesses often regard it as a technology implementation project, not a digital transformation project. Consequently, B-TRNSFRMD leverages low code solutions and offers a digital transformation in three core areas: Service Digitization, Digital CX, and Cloud Contact Centers to bring process, technology, and data together for their clients.

While enabling digital transformation, the company takes an integrative approach by validating the objectives and expected KPI impacts of a transformation. With that, they discern whether the client is applying the right technology toolset to the identified use case. B-TRNSFRMD collaborates and spends considerable time with clients designing the transformation architecture before implementing them. By doing so, they do not limit the designing phase to focus on technology alone, but also involve designing business KPIs, to-be processes and more. As B-TRNSFRMD takes a process-first approach to implementing various digital solutions, customers can reap maximum benefits from their investments in an accelerated time. B-TRNSFRMD brings all the capabilities to enhance the business process reengineering and uses the technology that fits the client’s particular business needs.

While many consulting firms are constrained by their legacy waterfall delivery including to low code digital transformation projects, B-TRNSFRMD leverages a sprint-based agile implementation method. By doing so, their customers can start realizing ROI in just four to six weeks. Moreover, they employ a talented team of professionals with multidisciplinary skill sets to deliver the project to meet business objectives. As major transformation roadmaps are completed in sprints, it allows the customer to meet fast-changing business demands and realize quick returns. As B-TRNSFRMD makes use of low code platforms, customers can support and make continuous changes with minimal external help. Traditional software platforms, including Oracle and Salesforce, require expensive external consultants to make even minor changes.

We work alongside our clients to make them self-sufficient in managing innovation effectively. Our solutions enable them to make continuous improvements with minimal dependence on external resources

For that reason, companies often pay a massive amount as support costs over a three to five-year period. “We work alongside our clients to make them self-sufficient in managing innovation effectively. Our solutions enable them to make continuous improvements with minimal dependence on external resources.” says Subramanian. With companies in the midmarket adopting low code technologies at an unprecedented rate, B-TRNSFRMD focuses primarily on this enterprise segment. They understand that traditionally, these companies have not been able to afford large-scale transformations leveraging technology. As their partner for the entire digital transformation lifecycle B-TRNSFRMD eliminates the need for clients to approach multiple consultants from an implementation perspective.

While onboarding a potential client, the company comes with a modular value framework that focuses on identifying the problem and designing the right solutions to address them. This also enables them to future-proof the solutions by foreseeing a process’s future needs during the design stage. Being vendor agnostic, B-TRNSFRMD works with the client to choose a technology vendor that best fits the business use case. The company also adopts a standard and iterative way to create an efficient to-be state by benchmarking the client’s existing processes. The design phase also helps the client identify technology accelerators and reduce the timeframe for implementation. In order to facilitate long-term innovation effectively, they also assist clients with setting up a center of excellence (COE).

As an emerging consulting firm with its sole focus on agile digital transformations, B-TRNSFRMD plans to scale its capabilities and business by building deep low-code and cloud expertise. “We plan to grow by identifying new markets that experiences secular growth and addressing their needs with our extensive transformation capabilities,” mentions Subramanian.


Plano, Texas

Gans Subramanian, Managing Director, Nirav Dagli – Managing Director

B-TRNSFRMD is a boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, design, and implementation of Agile Digital Transformations for mid-market and global enterprises. The teams implement andmanage transformations. The company works with CXOs/CIOs and Business teams to deliver digital innovation in Digital CX , Cloud Contact Centers and Service Digitalization using Low-code, Cloud, Automation and AI. The company deploys its proprietary design-driven Path-to-Value Framework to deliver acceleratedbusiness KPI impact with integrated solutions across process, technology and data