B2: Simulating Intelligent Payment Solutions

Itai Sela, CEO
Today’s payment industry has grown increasingly complex. There is a multitude of channels, credentials, and new technologies involved. It is essential that all components of this payment environment interact seamlessly. Catering to these complex challenges is B2, a North American company providing best-in-class products and services for the payment industry.

B2 aims to provide smart and secure solutions to the customers through their unique framework and tailored solutions to match any business or strategic objective. B2 Magstripe Card Simulator is one among the firm’s suite of solutions. It is a software application designed to simulate magnetic stripe cards without the need for an actual physical card. This tool can be used to replace hundreds of magnetic stripe cards required for testing and certification of payment card acceptance devices.
One of the unique features of Magstripe Card Simulator is that it reduces the risk of lost or expired cards by allowing users to store XML images of all their test cards in one place. Users also can create their own card images, eliminating the wait for new cards when processors replace cards due to expiry date or primary account number changes.

In addition to this, B2 delivers a wide range of high-quality business management, technical card, and terminal expertise to the payment industry. The firm also provides services such as EMV Consultancy and Training, POS Software development, Contactless, and Near Field Communication.

Surging ahead, B2 intends to keep increasing its proficiency in payment industry by applying structured methodologies, delivering flexibility, and providing cost-effective best practices.


Alpharetta, GA

Itai Sela, CEO

Provides best in class products and services for the payment industry