B2W Software: Driving Estimation, Dispatch, Tracking, and Maintenance through ONE Platform

Paul J. McKeon, Jr. CEO
As a construction business owner who started his first venture while at the University of New Hampshire, Paul J. McKeon, Jr. embraced technology as a way to run his business. Very early in his entrepreneurial journey, McKeon felt a need for integrated, database driven applications that could handle estimating and other operations including bidding, field tracking, and analysis. His notion to fulfill this need through technology laid the corner stone for B2W Software—a provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations.

McKeon feels that the construction industry is a margin-pressured space that is struggling to implement technologies that can address their needs. Additionally, construction companies have been operating the same way for years, and as a result, the industry has become rigid to embrace new technologies. Getting everyone to adapt new and more efficient ways of doing things is a big challenge B2W helps companies overcome these challenges by providing a cohesive platform of operational tools that are highly scalable, secure, uniquely intuitive, and easy to use. The company’s solutions effectively leverage the latest technologies into a unified system approach for not only estimating, bidding, field tracking and analysis, but also for resource planning, dispatching, and asset maintenance.

“We work diligently to enhance our product offerings with the latest cloud and mobile tablet technologies,” affirms McKeon. Solutions like B2W’s Operational Networked Elements (ONE), B2W Mobile Tablet App and B2W Cloud are examples of this commitment. ONE platform is the core technology beneath every B2W product. “We’ve heard over and over that companies do not want disparate products that can’t communicate with each other,” says McKeon. With ONE, each B2W element shares the same unified database that keeps everyone on the same page in real-time. So, if a foreman using B2W Track on a tablet in the field updates a piece of equipment to say it is down and is in need of repair, then the folks using B2W Maintain and B2W Dispatch can see that information in real time.
B2W Software has thousands of clients across North America. Some of their most renowned clients include C.S McCrossan, Lafarge, M.A Mortenson Company, Kimmins Contracting Corp., Pomerleau, Bird Construction Company Limited, and H.J. O’Connell. For an elaborate understanding of the functionalities of B2W Software, consider the success story of C.S McCrossan. Before purchasing B2W Estimate—an offering designed to manage the entire estimating and bidding process—the diversified heavy highway contractor was using spreadsheets for estimating and bidding, and a lot of estimators were doing bids by hand. The company knew that a standardized system was needed to get everyone on the same page. After evaluating several software providers, they decided that B2W Estimate was the best solution for their company. After the implementation, the client witnessed a 2 percent reduction in their labor costs, which is a big number when the labor costs are in millions of dollars. In addition, the offering virtually eliminated mistakes and the control over markups based upon work categories that provided a safety net for analyzing and dealing with risk.

At B2W Software, we are always looking at new technologies and evaluating their impact on the construction industry

“Going forward, we will deepen and broaden our operational suite to address the full operational scope of the companies who use our software. To support this endeavor, we will continue to deploy the best and the right technology,” affirms McKeon. “Building on our continued success in North America, we will also broaden our initiatives to create a bigger global presence,” he concludes.

B2W Software

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Paul J. McKeon, Jr. CEO

A provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations