B2X Care Solutions: Driving a Seamless Customer Care Journey

Dieter Weisshaar, CCO
Alongside the exponential rise of mobile devices in everyday life, incidents of accidental damage are some of the crisis scenarios any owner has to confront at some point. To overcome these issues, the maintenance of insurance protection plans for these devices has become a crucial aspect. A recent Financial Conduct Authority review reveals that insurers are required to improve their response time and claims handling practices to deliver better customer outcomes. However, today, several insurance providers face numerous challenges in improving the consumer experience. “With our years of experience in providing services for digital insurance providers, we enable a seamless customer care journey,” begins Dieter Weisshaar, CCO, B2X Care Solutions.

As smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices play a central role in people’s lives, players in the consumer electronics business are required to deliver a complex mix of customer care services on a global scale. “At B2X, we take customer service to the next level with our SMARTCARE Technology,” says Weisshaar. The Smart Service Platform facilitates global, end-to-end customer care solutions for consumer electronics businesses. “The B2X technology platform supports customers from the point of purchase of a device, all the way through the logistics and repair procedures,” notes Weisshaar. With Smart Service Platform, B2X ensures high customer satisfaction, generates cost efficiency, and avoids issues related to repairs, thereby reducing costs for insurance providers.

In the present day competitive marketplace, insurance providers need support to manage multiple service partners on a global scale. B2X takes over the customer care for insurance providers and manages the processes with SMARTCARE Technology and a self-help app for consumers. The SMARTAPP provides customers with an easy diagnostic and optimization tool that can be built into their client’s smartphone devices for a consistent customer care journey. With the SMARTAPP Consumers can help themselves fix a problem, reach out to friends or contact a service agent directly for support.

Enhanced by a powerful backend infrastructure, SMARTAPP enables manufacturers, insurance providers and sellers of electronic devices to deliver an innovative, cost effective, and easy to use self-service experience to their customers.

With our years of experience in providing services for digital insurance programs, we enable consumers with a seamless customer care journey

“SMARTAPP’ on-device apps and web portals deliver an excellent customer care experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty,” says Weisshaar. Leveraging this solution enables customers to identify their device errors in real-time, early in the service process, resulting in effective diagnosis of the problem well in advance. These in turn lead to the reduction in the number of hardware and software related support calls to call centers.

“Customers tap into the B2X Smart Service Platform to elevate their business,” says Weisshaar. If an insurance firm takes 20-30 days to repair their client’s mobile device it will led to increased customer dissatisfaction. Partnering with B2X, an insurance client is able to address and resolve these issues quickly, and deliver an excellent consumer experience. “Leveraging our cloud-based and real-time technology, we helped the insurance company to deliver cost-effective on-device diagnostic support and outstanding consumer experience,” elaborates Weisshaar.

On the innovation front, B2X will continue to provide a complete automated customer journey in real-time and best-in-class diagnostic capability at the frontend. “We also plan to invest heavily on our global network, connected in real-time, in order to direct consumers to the next possible service-point in accordance with their requirement,” says Weisshaar.

In the years to come, B2X is envisaging on developing the next version of the SMARTAPP solution, tailored especially for the insurance industry. With the increased sophistication of user interfaces and constant innovation through new services, apps and hardware advancements, “We aim to build a smartphone app which will provide an automated premium service for business users,” concludes Weisshaar.

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Dieter Weisshaar, CCO

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