b3 Intelligence: Harnessing Intensive Analytics Capabilitiesfor Enhanced Decision Making

Walter Ramdeholl, President & CEO
Big data, a buzzword that swept every industry, eventually gained prominence across as an enabler of “better decisions” for building productive business environments. Walter Ramdeholl, President and CEO of b³ Intelligence, points out that the bigger challenge for most CIOs still lies in “interpreting the data to affect the bottom line through actionable intelligence.” Toronto, ON, headquartered b³ Intelligence has been focused on helping organizations gain in-depth answers to improve their business processes and ROI through its analytics and data mining efforts. The company provides advanced statistical capabilities, predictive analytics, market research and data management enhanced by machine learning algorithms. “b³ Intelligence has worked with CIO’s in creating direct impact on changes to customer preferences, market conditions, competitive actions, and improvement of operations,” cites Ramdeholl. The company caters to a spectrum of industries including utilities, CPG, retail, life sciences and finance, streamlining each of its services to suit the industry vertical, while utilizing proven analytical techniques.

b³ Intelligence’s featured products— ADS™, PPM™, JIGSAW™ and SPLICE™, start with a simple baseline. ADS is an algorithm based solution that quantifies the brand impact both online and offline. The product evaluates attractors, detractors, and stabilizers for advertising campaign and dives deep into the campaign effectiveness to include how and why the campaign failed. Push, Pull, Moorings—PPM™on the other hand provides actionable insights into customer loyalty to a brand. “PPM™ analyzes what is pulling customers away from the brand, pushing them to another brand or anchoring them to it,” adds Ramdeholl.

Enabling clients to determine how people value different attributes that make up an individual product or service, b³ Intelligence’s JIGSAW™ tool offers statistical techniques to execute new product and service evaluations. Understanding that online surveys can be lengthy and extremely time consuming for an organization, the company built yet another product—SPLICE™.
Developed to split the survey into algorithmic determined packages, SPLICE™ imputes the missing data through predictive modeling.

Interpreting the data to impact the bottom line through actionable intelligence

b³ Intelligence extends its services from small and early stage organizations to the global 50. Ramdeholl cites that the company’s work ranges from “reminding the customers that they are overspending in ad dollars to determining the right price point for a product release.” The company recently launched ‘Empath™,’a medical intelligence flagship solution to serve two focal areas— pharmaceutical sales enablement and investment analysis for financial markets. Empath™ includes clinical data tracking, indexing, analysis and dissemination and caters to multiple aspects within the organization such as sales, marketing and business intelligence.

The company’s management team integrates rigorous methods for lab effectiveness to ensure that the ongoing efforts provide significant value to the customers. Incorporating the current market trends the company aims to build, create and practice comprehensive analytic and research techniques that provide companies with a clear view of their current business. b³ Intelligence was founded on the principle of creating a unique approach in a market saturated by ‘cookie-cutter methodologies.’ b³, which stands for ‘beyond the black box’, promotes innovation while balancing risk. Having served the U.S. markets on a large scale, b³ Intelligence is now in the process of evaluating international markets. Looking beyond the horizon, Ramdeholl says, “b³ Intelligence will continue to improve the client’s organizational efficiency while enhancing profitability with right tools to visualize and act on the data retrieved.”

b3 Intelligence

Toronto, Ontario

Walter Ramdeholl, President & CEO

b³ Intelligence provides advanced statistical capabilities, predictive analytics, market research and data management.