Bahwan CyberTek: Cost-effective Logistic Solutions for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

S. Durgaprasad, Co-founder & CEO
Today, logistics is more than just shipping a product from point A to B. It is about offering safety exposure and kilometers driven optimization, nonproductive time reduction, mitigating forecast volatility, reducing rig move costs, vehicle and material tracking and tracing, incident management, and other innumerous elements. With globalization, declining trade barriers and increasing mobile workforce, logistics has to deliver more than what it is asked for. To help businesses handle key logistics challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership, Bahwan CyberTek (BCT), offers niche solutions in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. BCT’s CueTRANS suite of applications offer rig move optimization, safe journey management, vehicle inspections and driver compliance, and also IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System) for real-time monitoring, dynamic dashboards and reporting engines. All these modules are built on a platform that allows for business process configuration.

“Our services range from basic tracking to premium services like online tracking and journey management services,” says Durgaprasad, Co-founder and CEO, Bahwan CyberTek. With a combination of online and offline tracking devices, BCT provides customized services based on client requirements. BCT’s IVMS uses a comprehensive web-based Fleet Tracking & Monitoring technology specially designed to offer the fleet owners a close insight and detailed information about their fleets’ current location, status, movements, routes, and utilization. A range of reports helps them to take smart decisions to improve their operational efficiency. In case of Oil and Gas Industry, IVMS helps regulators and contractors reduce critical accidents and fatalities by limiting reckless and risky driving behaviors. “Our services are especially critical to oil exploration and extraction projects in places such as the Middle East and Asia where the geography and geology makes frequent rig movement a necessity to maximize oil and gas production,” remarks Durgaprasad.

The company’s rig move management services are designed to increase rig utilization (string days) and reduce nonproductive time (NPT) while ensuring HSE (health, safety and environment) compliance and standard practices across third party logistics providers.

Our services range from basic tracking to premium services like online tracking and journey management services

In Oman, BCT entered into a longterm contract with one of the country’s largest oil exploration and production company from 2004-2019. The company required a partner to manage its country-wide supply chain in support of its oil exploration and production operationsthat can provide a robust framework for HSE assurance and improve HSE standards across its contractor base; manage and improve established operations to minimize NPTthroughvisibility of rig move status and materials in the supply chain; and also improve contractor compliance to Oil & Gas standards. “To meet the challenges, we developed and implemented a robust HSE Management and bespoke IT systems to optimize rig move operations, provide operational visibility to decision makers, allowing prioritization and control. We also implemented coastal and infield control towers to manage operations and a dedicated TMS system, providing material and equipment visibility,” says Durgaprasad.

“Since its inception in 1999, BCT has enabled hundreds of organizations to operate as smart, efficient and future-ready enterprises, and helped them function with agility and customer centricity,” says the CEO. With several large-scale implementations, including the ones in Fortune 500 organizations, Durgaprasad says, “We anticipate and understand our customers’ needs, and work closely with them, to discover new frontiers of growth through co-creation and joint innovation. We believe that our growth is directly related to the growth of our customers,” he concludes.

Bahwan CyberTek

Natick, MA

S. Durgaprasad, Co-founder & CEO

Helps organizations handle key logistics challenges, improve process efficiencies, lower their total cost of ownership