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Michael Bruck, President & CTO There is an increasing sophistication and frequency of security breaches today, which is causing a lot of concern amongst companies in various industries. On a granular level, their concern is about the growing gap between the advanced methods used by malicious individuals versus the technology and processes organizations have to detect and mitigate these threats. In short, companies are apprehensive of the unknown. They fear that hackers could be secretly siphoning off data in such a stealthy manner that it goes undetected until it is too late.

Utilizing a methodology that is state-of-the-art in the industry is Hoffman Estates, IL based BAI Security, which is a singularly-focused IT Security and Compliance firm that provides solutions for regulated and non-regulated

Founded in 2007, the firm is now an industry leader in helping clients to secure their critical information assets. “We are highly-recognized for our exceptional ability to identify weaknesses in information systems, policies, and personnel that can lead to system compromises and data breaches,” says Michael Bruck, President and CTO of the company.
He goes on to add, “BAI Security is a sought-after IT Security and Compliance firm for organizations that wish to step beyond just meeting the minimum compliance standards and who truly strive to protect their highly valued data and reputation.”

Innovation and Quality

BAI Security focuses on innovation and quality. They are agile and specialize in providing the most effective solutions, which has proven to be advantageous and secured their position as an industry leader in the Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, and Biotech sectors.

BAI Security provides an array of products and services, which are vital to these markets. One of the company’s core services, their IT Security Assessment, has often proven itself to be dramatically more comprehensive than traditional methods used by competitors. It consists of a comprehensive evaluation of key technologies, systems, and personnel within an organization to identify vulnerabilities that can lead to a compromise of data assets and/or intellectual property. This approach has a more fundamental focus on identifying real-world security weaknesses, rather than just conforming to minimum compliance requirements.

Additionally, their premier Security Awareness Training helps to counter one of the greatest risks to an organization’s information security posture – employees’ adherence to privacy policies and their understanding of security threats. It accomplishes this through a unique approach to adult learning, which has set a new standard in efficacy and knowledge retention.
BAI Security’s Compliance Audits & Risk Assessment Reviews evaluate an organization's existing policies and procedures against compliance and legal standards.

Additionally, they identify reasonably foreseeable risks that could lead to service interruption or unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of confidential information.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In an effort to minimize the likelihood of their clients becoming the next “bull’s-eye,” BAI Security developed two flagship service offerings to address the ever-growing threats against confidential data and intellectual property.

The first is BAI Security’s Compromise Assessment, which at its core, is a type of forensic assessment or audit of all the endpoint devices (servers and workstations) in an organization to determine if a breach has already occurred. This service can identify various types of undetected malware, which are stealthy, malicious, and have contributed to many data breaches in recent headlines.

Organizations looking for a more proactive approach benefit from their second offering, which is a managed service version of their Compromise Assessment. This service continuously monitors the environment and helps to identify suspicious activities that could lead to a breach.

BAI Security continues to evolve their service offerings to counteract today’s emerging, real-world IT Security challenges.

BAI Security

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Michael Bruck, President & CTO

A provider of IT Security and Compliance Solutions for regulated and non-regulated industries.