Dave Sampsell, Founder & Director
Businesses operating in the communications and information technology sectors are expected to comply with a diverse assortment of regulations, contribute to a variety of public interest programs, and pay unique taxes and fees. These compliance burdens are prevalent not only at the federal government level but state and local as well. The compliance obligations become particularly acute and weighty for companies offering voice and data transmission services, which in today’s world of converging technologies, encompasses a large ecosystem of service providers; everything from collaboration and telework platforms, SaaS and “App-based” communications that blend with computer processing and are often delivered over the Internet, can find themselves staring at a complicated web of compliance requirements.
While large enterprises acknowledge the importance of filing obligatory compliance returns and certifications, small and medium-sized firms are challenged by the lack of substantive knowledge about regulatory compliance. These growing firms usually view compliance as a burden that depletes their financial resources and affects their revenue management. Further, the absence of an experienced third-party that can assist them in complying with the different state jurisdictions aggravates the problem. However, The Commpliance Group (“TCG”) brings the right solution for all such firms in the IT and telecom industries. Established and informed by experienced telecom lawyers, TCG is a consulting firm whose sole mission is to deliver a comprehensive suite of fixed-price and subscription-based outsourced compliance solutions that help alleviate the burdens faced by small and medium-sized IT and telecom businesses.
In a market that has several solution providers delivering compliance solutions, the old-fashioned, highly manual way (often employing low skill, untrained paper pushers that are prone to falling prey to the “garbage in, garbage out” dilemma), TCG brings an entirely different and revolutionary model to the market. Believing in the power of combining knowledge with software, TCG melded the unique knowledge, risk sensitivities, and nuanced knowledge of experienced telecom lawyers together with a robust, highly intuitive software platform, AccuComplianceSM. The software is built from the ground up to generate timely, accurate, and thorough responses according to the Universal Service Administrative Company’s (“USAC”) FCC Form 499-A, distribute data in accordance with jurisdictional rules to state regulatory agency filings and facilitate comprehensive compliance emanating from a reliable foundation of auditable data. It’s a compliance-as-a-service platform that offers greater ease of accessibility and use to companies that need to outsource all their compliance needs. “Through the knowledge built into this platform, we place more power in the hands of our customers without the need to invest heavily in legal counsel, while creating a pathway to a more in-depth analysis by attorneys at an experienced telecom law firm,” says TCG’s founder and CEO, Jonathan Marashlian.

“We place more power in the hands of our customers without the need to invest heavily in legal counsel.”

Developed with years of dedicated research coupled with the extensive knowledge of the telecom attorneys at Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, AccuComplianceSM simplifies the process of regulatory compliance for businesses of every shape, size, risk, and price sensitivity. It not only manages compliance risks but also brings down the compliance costs that remain a major concern for telecom businesses. Also, the solution’s no-cost, Do-It-Yourself on-boarding option (“Compliance Wizard”) helps guide businesses that are new to the world of telecom compliance towards compliance solutions that are appropriately scaled and scoped to their unique needs.
And through vendor relationships with industry-leading tax and billing vendors, the likes of Avalara, SureTax, and, to name a few, TCG is an integral part of the compliance outsourcing ecosystem that is essential to IT and telecom operators selling services that no longer adhere to geographic boundaries.
Having helped hundreds of businesses tackle their regulatory and corporate compliance management needs, TCG is setting a new benchmark for its competitors. The US-based firm now looks forward to launching a website that will enable telecommunication service providers to solve many of the intricate challenges associated with ensuring compliance with regulations and regulatory filings in today’s unprecedented era of technological convergence and regulatory uncertainties that come with disruption.
“Leveraging our best of breed software and ‘Full Spectrum’ service model, our team of experienced compliance professionals helps make the management of your company’s compliance reliable, routine, and worry-free. All while fulfilling our commitment to identify business opportunities through intelligently managed compliance,” says Marashlian.
Marashlian goes on to explain, “We are the only compliance vendor in the marketplace built on the foundation of expert telecom attorney knowledge gained through more than a decade of USAC audit representation and experience. Our SaaS-based compliance platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure regulatory compliance with the complex web of service classification, revenue allocation, and reporting rules governing VoIP, Wireless, and traditional telecom service providers.”
Built from the ground up to ensure accurate, thorough, and timely compliance with the Universal Service Administrative Company’s FCC Form 499-A, once your company’s product catalog of regulated and unregulated services is mapped into AccuComplianceSM using a self-guided on-boarding process, your company can rest easy knowing that its compliance filings will not only be filed on time but with confidence that the data being reported is accurate and optimized to minimize government fees.


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Dave Sampsell, Founder & Director

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