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Holger Weeres, Executive Account Manager
Today, IT administrators are faced with increasingly complex tasks to streamline workflows within an organization’s IT environment due to the inherently more sophisticated infrastructure and competitive pressures. While there is a multitude of tools on the market to meet these organizations’ varied requirements, most of them have overlapping functionalities— proving to be a significant roadblock. Furthermore, this creates more complexity than ease for entities looking to adopt IT infrastructure solutions. Providing both functionality and usability—baramundi software offers one tool for all these tasks to be completed while managing and securing an IT environment. The company’s unified endpoint management software—baramundi Management Suite (bms)is a modular, scalable, and highly cost-effective solution for complete IT management, security, and workflow automation.

The modular framework of the bms works together via a single database in a single interface. “The mantra of the suite is to reduce the complexity of managing infrastructures,” states Holger Weeres, Executive Account Manager of baramundi Software. With only one endpoint solution, interface, and database—bms provides an overview of all endpoints and allows IT administrators to automate the solutions of repetitive tasks. This reduces the burden on system administration staff enabling them to concentrate on their core objectives and key projects, saving valuable time. The suite adjusts and optimizes workflows to match the IT infrastructures by defining and controlling distribution as well as allocating to endpoints and endpoint groups. baramundi’s unique approach allows the admin to define and configure sequences via a menu. This involves providing self-service helpdesk support, a phased or target-group-focused activity, and even a complete rollout. Furthermore, users will be able to track the status of each device, helping users to manage the entire lifecycle of all end devices used in the company.
bms’ helpdesk feature also offers ready to self-implement kiosks solutions through a unique cookbook approach to FAQ’s rather than a lengthy back and forth experience. A considerable advantage of the suite is its quick and easy implementation process (less than a week). Before implementation, the company reviews the current situation and draws up a plan for the initial installation and configuration of the bms based on the client’s infrastructure and requirements. baramundi provides support during the set-up process through initial training or a workshop to get the staff better in tune with the suite. The bms is typically implemented on-premise or by MSPs that manage multiple customers. Customers can also rent cloud space and have installations within, AWS and Azure.

While the bms is a widely agnostic solution and can be implemented across any vertical markets—Weeres narrates a particular customer success story with Ritter Sport, a leading German chocolate manufacturing company. Before adopting bms, Ritter Sport had been using legacy OS in their devices across 800 end-points in a hundred countries. The client wished to improve the interface for the end-user, especially for the international user base and reduce the response time by offering self-service. baramundi provided the necessary detail for native voice installations and quick re-build for the end-points. Also, the company offered third-party patch management to Ritter Sport without losing any time from when baramundi deployed the solutions. “We are becoming more of a partner to the business on the IT side by giving them a list or a wide selection of solutions ready to use when they need it,” explains Weeres.

baramundi has experienced annual growth of 20 percent over the last decade and with an increase in healthcare providers, banking and insurances as well as non-profit customers, the firm has reached a benchmark of 3000 worldwide customers this year. baramundi is experiencing great traction from the mid-west and aims to cover the other regions in the US within the next two years. The company aims to expand its services by adding IoT devices to their gamut of solutions to not only monitor the client’s IT environment but their entire production environment.

baramundi software

Framingham, MA

Holger Weeres, Executive Account Manager

baramundi software AG provides companies and organizations with efficient, secure, and cross-platform management of workstation environments. Around the world, over 3000 customers of all sizes and from every sector benefit from the German manufacturer's many years of experience and outstanding products. These are compiled into an integrated, future-orientated approach in baramundi management Suite—client management, mobile device management, and endpoint security are provided via a shared interface, using a single database, and according to global standards

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