Barhead Solutions: Streamlines Business Processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ken Struthers, General Manager
Microsoft has taken long strides in the business solutions realm by encapsulating flexible and easy-to-use business software applications into MS Dynamics family, helping SMBs through to large-scale enterprises streamline and automate their end-to-end business processes. MS Dynamics’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications coupled with PowerBI, ADX Portals, Office 365, and SharePoint integrations empower organizations with an all-in-one technology solution. Barhead Solutions, a premium Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider, helps enterprises leverage the benefits of Microsoft’s online CRM solution to drive customer engagement with real-time information and collaboration. “We use the power of Dynamics CRM to enhance business outcomes and improve business processes with minimal risk and value-based investment,” says Ken Struthers, General Manager, Barhead Solutions.

For Barhead founders, Ken Stuthers and John Orrock, this is their 3rd generation CRM consulting business. With two decades of CRM experience, the team has deep knowledge starting with Siebel Systems (Oracle), then now Microsoft Dynamics CRMOL. As a system integrator, the firm facilitates a series of accelerators for both vertical and horizontal use cases pertaining to cloud-based CRM supporting customers achieve their organizational goals faster in a cost-effective way.

Being a trusted Microsoft partner, Barhead enables clients to seamlessly implement Dynamics CRM software as an extension of their existing systems, resulting in higher adoption rates and actionable insights from analyzed data. “One of the compelling features of MS Dynamics is the natural integration with Office365 and Outlook for business users,” extols Struthers. The derived business insights on under serviced customer segments, product combinations, and service requirements for customers or products, empower managers to take data-driven decisions helping them increase revenue, grow their client base, and streamline support processes. “The convergence of workflow driven CRM and desktop productivity tools allows us to create business solutions that are a natural fit for the user,” states Struthers. In addition, latest update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online includes unique ‘Voice of the Customer’ functionality with which Barhead aids customers to gain feedback about the performance of their products or services to quickly address and resolve concerns or issues.

We use the power of Dynamics CRM to enhance business outcomes and improve business processes with minimal risk and value-based investment

With the out-of-the-box CRM application augmented with a vastly experienced technical team, Barhead assists clients to reassess their business needs and enables rapid deployment of the Dynamics platform. On one occasion, an insurance company was facing issues managing different client service processes, including client interactions for claims and underwriting, via Outlook. “We implemented a Dynamics CRM solution completely integrated with their Outlook environment,” asserts Struthers. “The solution incorporated advanced reporting with a smart business analytics tool— PowerBI, mass data update capabilities through excel integration, work flow management and core CRM concepts.” The implemented Dynamics CRM platform allowed the client to manage the flow of large volumes of emails across distributed teams, improve customer service, and eliminate the risks associated with business communications thorough unmonitored emails.

Apart from leveraging Microsoft’s latest developments, Barhead’s R&D team is also initiating efforts around PowerBI, Intelligent Bot and IoT technology, and portal development templates for B2B and B2C user cases. Further, as a part of the company’s migration package, Barhead has developed a Salesforce swap out program helping customers smoothly re-platform from to Dynamics CRM. “Alongside focusing on increasing investments in Australia, we are excited to assist financial services with our new Finserv accelerator to implement Dynamics CRM platform in a more effective manner,” concludes Struthers.

Barhead Solutions

Sydney, Australia

Ken Struthers, General Manager

Enables customers to implement Dynamics CRM software with integrated accelerators to streamline business processes

Barhead Solutions