Barium Live: Digitizing Daily Workflows

Johan Made, CEO
Today, business models across all organizations are constantly in flux, owing to frequent product upgrades, regulatory changes, and disruptive technology. To effectively realign business processes, according to the needs of a changing marketplace, organizations are fast employing an intelligent BPM suite (iBPMS) which combines a nexus of digital forces— mobile, social, cloud and analytics. According to a report by Technavio, a market research company, the global BPM market is also expected to grow at an annual rate of 37.18 percent till 2019. Amid such rapid developments, the need of the hour is a BPM tool that is flexible, designed for change, and in line with the needs of a digital world. In such a scenario, Barium Live digitalizes business processes through applications that can integrate with existing workflows, social software, as well as legacy systems. The company offers an enterprise-class BPM platform, delivered as a cloud service. “Our platform is also designed to suit the bimodal ITmodel, we are the sprinter since we deliver value extremely fast in an agile way. At the same time we provide stable processes that doesn´t change over time, without losing sight of agility and short term competitive advantages,” states Johan Made, CEO, Barium Live.

Since the Barium Live platform is web based, it completely negates the need for a software installation, saving time and cost. The modeling tool helps a user create and share explicit business processes, add documentation, instructional information and descriptions. Once a process is modeled a client can easily create an application based on the process combined with web forms, metrics, and business rules all supported in the same solution. For added functionality, the platform offers business components that comprise a specific set of tools with a wide variety of functions from sending an e-mail to defined complex rules, which can be applied according to a client’s requirement.

Developed with a built-in integration component, Barium Live is not only fast to execute but can also be used to model a wide variety of processes, ranging from supply chain planning, HR, and service management.

A client can rapidly create and edit powerful business apps without writing a single line of code

The use of integration service or REST APIs also makes it possible to add references to documents stored in any document management system. The platform also uses a Map-to-App technology that transforms process models into applications through the click of a button. “A client can rapidly create and edit powerful business apps without writing a single line of code,” says Made. Moreover, if a customer wishes to monitor a particular application, a Process Performance Dashboard reflects Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics from all processes giving an overview of lead times and bottlenecks.

In the case of IKEA, a Swedish furniture retailer, the client had a manual business process in place and being a global company; it led to a lack of transparency around their worldwide operations as well as resulted in loss of time. After implementing Barium Live, IKEA was able to bring down the time taken in turning an idea about a product to a physical product on the shelf to half. Moreover, it took just three months to go-live and roll-out on a global scale. Another advantage of the tool is that it created a central database with information that now enables IKEA to conduct effective data mining of relevant information, which was previously difficult to collate.

Moving forward, the company will be developing their cloud services and partnering with more cloud service providers. “We plan on upgrading our product a notch further, with a focus on smart processes so that a user can build applications or navigate through process models even faster,” states Made. The company is also contemplating to expand their roots in Europe, UK, and U.S. in the near future.

Barium Live

Gothenburg, Sweden

Johan Made, CEO

Provides an innovative Business Process Management platform to create process driven applications

Barium Live