Barnet POS Systems: Implementing the Power of POS Systems

The smart-world era has brought changes to the food and beverage industry. Due to the ever increasing demand of new technologies, operators and suppliers alike are focusing on Point of Sale (POS) strategies and are looking to add everything from mobile payment to tablet-based ordering to their repertoires. Although the primary purpose of POS systems is to maintain the tracking and management of product sales, it has become highly refined and can record everything from employee productivity to inventory control, profit and loss margins, and so much more.

In partnership with the MICROS Systems, Barnet Group provides enterprise-wide applications, hardware and software solutions for the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage industries. Their applications include POS, management, comprehensive inventory control module, customer point rewards system, supply chain and vendor management, and merchandise planning management. Barnet also offers various cloud-based, mobile, and on-premise application tools for customers, especially, in the food and beverage industry. “Using a new approach and technology for development, we created this system to be reliable, user-friendly, and a cost effective solution,” says Olena Hecht, CEO, Barnet Group.

Within the food and beverage industry, Barnet provides POS management systems to liquor stores, pubs, restaurants and grocery, winery, retail. The 25-year-old company believes in providing expert systems based on intelligent user interface and natural responses that are easy to learn and use.

Our POS management system provides full-on management package for pubs and restaurants

“Our POS management system provides full-on management package for pubs and restaurants,” Hecht adds. Their services comprise front (sales) end, comprehensive inventory control module, based on a recipe sub system, customer loyalty system, integrated ordering system, monthly online purchasing prices updates, multi store operations, real time beverage control, integrated credit, integrated surveillance system, and ecommerce solution.

Barnet is a true solution partner that has deployed software and hardware solutions for a number of global organizations including the leading liquor store, Berezan Group, who had significant challenges in its initial electronic POS system, as result of their industry growth. Barnet POS systems offered them an extensive integrated customer rewards program, effective customer reporting, and a central purchasing platform with real-time inventory. "The key features along with the everyday functionality like real-time sales and inventory data, the ability to add and change product information on the fly, accounting, receiving, invoicing and staff management system were integrated effectively into our daily business," quotes Stacy Mueller, Former Operations Manager, Berezan Liquor Stores.

Along with the POS management systems, the company also provides various e-commerce and product management solutions. The company has add-on modules for labor management, database backup, accounting, mobile apps, staff messaging system, invoice notification, and tax calculations. Barnet’s major customers subsume Marine Pub, Murrayville, River's Bend Winery, Berezan Hospitality, Tugboat Annie's Pub, Coldwater Hotel, and liquor store such as Langley, Aldergrove, Burrard, and MJG.

However, with advances in technology, POS systems have become a successful business management tool in the market. “Barnet portrays how innovative POS architecture can deliver the speed and agility to keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands,” concludes Hecht.

Barnet POS Systems

Surrey, BC

Provides enterprise-wide applications, hardware and software solutions.