Basefarm: Passion for transforming IT Services

Fredrik Ohlsen, CEO
Managing the operations of mission-critical enterprise systems is an art that Fredrik Ohlsen, the CEO of Basefarm, has mastered. His passion to change the world of IT is evident when he speaks passionately about Basefarm that was founded in the year 2000, but operates with the agility of a start-up, and has carved a niche for itself in providing and managing IT services to clients of all sizes.

Basefarm has over 500 employees comprising experts in Application Management, Cloud Services, Information Security and Big Data, operating dedicated systems and servers for each client. The company excels at mitigating complexities pertaining to managing and securing client applications and cloud infrastructures. To provide further value to clients using data analytics, Basefarm has moved to acquire the German major for big data and cloud services, The unbelievable Machine Company. The acquisition will enable Basefarm to offer deeper insights into all aspects of clients’ applications.

Basefarm’s solution portfolio includes services for management of applications, cloud solutions (public, private and hybrid), and advanced data protection services. “Managed services constitute the keystone of all, from management of Hybrid Clouds to the Application layer—available on an X-as-a-Service basis,” says Ohlsen. Basefarm delivers the IT environment required for high performance of mission critical business applications, thereby allowing the sharing of data between local data centers and public clouds, regardless of the underlying platform. Clients benefit from unparalleled availability of applications round-the-clock, thus saving both time and costs. Applications can be deployed either on public clouds, such as Azure or Amazon Web Services, or in Basefarm’s own datacenters, either custom built or on standardized platforms such as Azure Stack. “We do not believe that the cloud-first strategy works for all clients. It has to be a mix-and-match approach that addresses the different requirements of systems,” says Ohlsen.

Catering to a client begins with understanding the client’s specific needs, with regard to challenges posed by legacy systems or challenges to deploying mission-critical business applications for high performance and protection reasons.
Ohlsen asserts that such discussions help clients understand the extra value that Basefarm can provide. “We share several constructive ideas with clients, to deliver more value to their business.” mentions Ohlsen. Based on the outcome of the discussion, solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of clients. Advanced security and analytics features are layered, in order to offer the necessary insights and data protection to the public sector, banking, and logistics industries.

Managed services constitute the keystone of all, from management of Hybrid Clouds to the Application layer— available on an X-as-a- Service basis

Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS), a Norwegian airline, has been closely associated with Basefarm since 2002. When the airline grew tremendously with the introduction of new international routes, the growth in passenger traffic led to an upsurge in booking and other activities, thus increasing the workload on its systems. This concerned NAS, as a potential system failure could halt its operations and prove catastrophic. Once NAS started running its critical systems and applications used for ticketing, sales, and boarding pass issuance on Basefarm, the systems were able to effortlessly handle increased workloads and to process up to 90 percent of the airline’s tickets, a staggering 20,000 tickets per day.

With a turnover of $100 million and presence across five countries, Basefarm is making rapid strides forward. The company intends to deliver even greater value to its clients by expanding the scope of big data in IT service management by leveraging the capabilities of The unbelievable Machine Company. Basefarm is also gearing up to address and manage the complexities of the ever-changing IoT business ecosystem. Ohlsen concludes by highlighting that as the size of IT service management market is increasing manifold, Basefarm is poised to expand its global reach and cater to more clients.


Oslo, Norway

Fredrik Ohlsen, CEO

Provider of high-quality IT management services that manage the complexities of operations and integration of mission-critical and legacy systems