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Maulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Head
In a hypercompetitive world, organizations are looking at ways to innovate and be ahead of the competition. Digitization is imperative for the success of any business today and organizations are seeking a trusted partner who can guide them in this journey. Transforming their business requires a relook at their entire IT infrastructure including the Cloud interlock. Customers expect the trusted partner to be an expert in the areas of Multi-Cloud as well as Microservices and Infrastructure automation that enables them to deliver agile services. BayInfotech helps customers across the globe identify the best approach to achieve the above by designing, adopting, and deploying technology solutions without impacting their operations.

BayInfotech recognizes that the requirement of each organization is unique and hence is able to participate in their journey providing them the roadmap on technology adoption and interlock. Maulik Shyani, the company’s founder and business development head, explains, “Customers want to create future-ready platforms and we identify their current state and create a conversion roadmap to use an advanced set of software-defined networking by leveraging their existing IT investments.” This allows enterprise customers to move ahead of the competition by adopting software-defined architectures and solutions, maximizing their CAPEX spend and building automation systems to deploy use cases in minutes versus days or months. Thus freeing up the customer to focus on the intended outcomes and enhanced user experience for their clients.

BayInfotech partners with Cisco and their ecosystem to provide customized solutions in the areas of software automation, networking, customized programmability, and microservices. The platform enables the deployment of Cisco’s advanced solutions including Cisco CloudCenter, Container Platform (CCP), and Hyperconverged Infrastructure apart from software-defined networking. Being a lead system integrator for Cisco, the company is also driving their Proof of Concept (PoC) and Proof of Value (PoV) effort for Software-defined Access (SDA) strategies.

Alok Tanna, cloud visualization and strategy head, shares that BayInfotech has a software-first mentality. BayInfotech’s team consists of expert software developers trained and experienced in automation in the areas of networking and cloud services.
He states, “Although the company started with managed services at the core, over the past few years, we have moved up the value chain by offering cloud services. BayInfotech is a service integrator for the Cisco enterprise cloud suite, and we are heavily focused on integrating capabilities as a leading Cisco partner.” BayInfotech has the ability and technical experience to work with any technology, configuration management, and software-defined networking platform available. Shyani expands on this by stating, “Our focus is to ensure customer business outcomes, and we deliver custom solutions and use cases by aligning our team to partner in their success.” BayInfotech takes pride in working on every project as a custom requirement and we manage them in the above approach, emphasizing on operational excellence.

We always start with focusing on the goals of the customer, and align our team to provide a solution based on their business requirements and use cases

With many successful Digital journeys, Shayni discusses a client that required a transformation in management process solution, custom provision, scalability, and container cluster management using Docker Swarm. By customizing the application profiles using Cisco CloudCenter, BayInfotech delivered these requirements in a short time keeping security, quality, and future expansion in mind. Shyani explains, “This solution gave both developers and IT teams a wide range of options for deployment and management, providing flexibility in a single solution.”

On the infrastructure side, BayInfotech has deployed numerous solutions to allow customers to achieve their business objectives. Within the last quarter, the company has launched storage-as-a-service solution and aims to expand its success in the software-defined networking space by expanding continuously with computing, infrastructure, and storage service models. “With our highly skilled team and approach to understanding the business challenges coupled with our partnership with Cisco, we enable customers to drive business transformation and stay ahead,” concludes Shyani.


Dublin, CA

Maulik Shyani, Founder & Business Development Head and Alok Tanna, Cloud Visualization & Strategy Head

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