BCG Systems: Cloud-based Business Solutions for Workforce Management

Unified power of cloud is playing a vital role in changing today’s enterprise landscape where companies are veering towards the adoption of NetSuite platforms into their business operations. BCG Systems, headquartered in Akron, OH, has reached the milestone in offering a full range of integrated solutions for business management, networking and product support by bringing effective and sensible technology platforms. “For SMBs, regardless of their size, we provide trusted advice and relevant solutions designed on NetSuite platform to support organizational objective,” says Mark Goodson, President, BCG Systems. “Our role is to sensibly handle the organizations’ business application and infrastructure solution needs.”

BCG Systems’ full range of custom offerings—online business management suite encompass solutions, ranging from NetSuite CRM, accounting, supply chain to NetSuite eCommerce. “We have a phenomenal team of NetSuite consultants and developers that put the right workflows and processes in place to help organizations’ business thrive,” says Goodson. “We believe in helping more companies fully leverage the possibilities of their cloud solution, achieve scalability as well as reduce IT costs by deploying the NetSuite platform.”

Operating for more than 25 years, BCG Systems offers variety of services catering to companies in whole sale distribution, professional services, and quick book migration sectors. Additionally, the firm also provides corporate business and network solutions and recommends customers to adopt effective business management software. “If an organization is planning to build a new network, upgrade an existing one, we design, implement and support cloud-based, local-area and wide-area networks,” adds Goodson. “We’ll strategically analyze each functional area of a customer’s business, and identify the challenges in order to recommend an appropriate technology plan.”

Furthermore, the company’s solution portfolio also includes disaster recovery solutions to overcome unforeseen challenges such as system down time and data loss. “As more and more companies are evolving to maintain electronic information, there has to be rapid recovery of IT Systems in the event of disaster.
Our solutions undertake measures to support and guide an enterprise throughout the process of data recovery,” says Goodson.

A multitude of companies have benefited immensely using BCG cloud business solutions. A well known machinery maker had fragmented IT systems that was increasing their business costs and slowed their product shipments. Additionally, the client faced difficulties in expanding online sales with their existing IT systems and wanted to implement a ‘gogreen’ approach to reduce paper and toner usage. To combat these challenges, the client approached BCG Systems to implement NetSuite cloud solutions and replaced multi vendor IT systems with NetSuite’s ERP, CRM, and e-commerce. As a result, the company’s shipment time reduced significantly, saving on annual IT costs. “NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations,” says Catherine Helshoj, Vice President and Owner Laguna Tools.

We have a phenomenal team of NetSuite consultants and developers that put the right workflows and processes in place to help organizations business thrive

BCG Systems adds credence to their ability in enhancing business and IT solution to companies. For the future, the company plans to increase its global footprint by expanding their range of offering with enhanced services and features. “We wish to carry forward our solutions to wider global customer base to eliminate issues that repress customers from reaching their set business goals,” concludes Goodson.

BCG Systems

Akron, OH

Mark Goodson, President

BCG Systems, Inc. is a full service information technology company, helping small and medium sized businesses succeed by providing trusted advice and cost-effective ERP, CRM and networking solutions through its partnership with Microsoft and NetSuite Solutions