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Cyro Diehl, CEO Digital transformation has brought a whole new outlook to businesses, opening the gates for global commerce wider than ever before. Swiftly growing trade across borders caused numerous new regulatory practices and environmental, social, and governance standards to come into effect to ensure a smooth-running global economy. However, with some regulations including over 200 different mandates, it is nearly impossible for companies to comply manually. That's where Be Compliance comes to the rescue with its smart and comprehensive platform that automates all compliance processes.

"We have developed an integrated compliance solution to help companies achieve compliance with various different regulations around the globe"

Current unpredictability has shown that in order to flourish, companies need to prove their ability to survive the current chaos. Leaders around Latin America are aware of the need to prepare their companies to remain competitive for the next five to 10 years. And to be prepared, they need to take care of the risks first, resulting from the pandemic, wars, and political shifts.

Leaders cannot do it alone. Compliance, widely perceived as an area of controls and processes, is necessary for organizations to manage their risks, culture, and sustainability. With this concept as a basis, Be Compliance developed its all-in-one compliance platform to help companies eliminate any financial, regulatory, or compliance risks, preparing them for the future.

"Companies cannot predict the future, but they can prepare for it," says Cyro Diehl, CEO of Be Compliance.

Meeting Every Compliance Need

Be Compliance's integrated platform helps companies stay compliant with regulations around the globe. It includes governance and corporate, privacy data, and standards compliance solutions. Its governance and corporate compliance solution helps manage corporate governance, which includes a whistleblower channel, conflict of interest, risk management, due diligence, training, and procedures and policies. The platform's solution for privacy data is aimed at companies in Brazil, which has a law regulating the collection and use of personal data.
Be Compliance's solution for standards compliance is dedicated to companies that have multiple regulations, norms, or standards to follow.

The multitude of available solutions corresponds to Be Compliance's vision for the platform, which is to build a compliance solution that is as comprehensive as possible. Businesses already have access to many solutions for risk management, due diligence, training, or other functions, but most of these are very niche programs. The solutions need to be integrated. Issues arise when one of the solutions receives an upgrade and all the functions need to be integrated again, which is very time-consuming. Be Compliance implements all compliance pillars within a single platform, making life easier for employees and business partners. Organizations no longer have to spend time integrating multiple solutions for their compliance needs.

Founded on the pillars of experience, content, and technology, Be Compliance remains unbeatable in terms of its offerings. Diehl's 30 years of experience, including working at big corporations like IBM and as president of Oracle, Brazil, helped him better understand business compliance needs.

Be Compliance's legal staff is excellent at understanding what content in the solution best suits a company's compliance needs. The technological expertise that the team brings to the table implements the best available technologies for compliance.
Akihito Kumon, CTO/Partner
Diehl had one specific purpose in founding the company; to effect positive change in society by helping companies achieve compliance with emerging regulatory standards. In line with this, Be Compliance offers a comprehensive range of compliance solutions that fit any company, regardless of size. It ensures that a smaller-sized company has access to the same content on the platform as large organizations, while maintaining the solution's affordability.

"If we succeed in developing solutions that help companies become more transparent and be prepared for change, with integrity, they will become more sustainable, which will make the world a better place," says Diehl.
Compliance is Armor

Be Compliance's goal is to use compliance to aid companies in maintaining their corporate future. Its whistleblower channel was a critical factor in helping a client boost their workers' morale and change their attitude toward the company for the better. An employee of the Sao Paolo, Brazil-based client reported a case of moral harassment. She shared her predicament on the whistleblower channel, and the company promptly took action against the accused, who, as it turned out, had been accused by other workers. Taking care of its employees at every level shone a positive light on the company, earning them the loyalty of their staff.

In addition to a strong purpose, Be Compliance firmly sticks to clearly defined values of responsibility for its customers, partners, and employees. To this end, the company ensures that its team tends to customer calls in under an hour. It also runs without a management hierarchy, with each employee working as an individual contributor in their own right, with everyone collaborating and helping each other.

"We want to have true fans, who receive a unique and charming experience that can make a difference," says Diehl.

Be Compliance can Help Companies Eliminate any Financial, Regulation, or Compliance Risks to Prepare Them for the Future

Be Compliance strives to further enhance the technical aspects of its platform to continue transforming its customer experience. It is exploring artificial intelligence capabilities, the metaverse, and other leading technologies to help companies with risk analysis and improved decision-making. Be Compliance aims to continue transforming the society in Brazil, with plans to expand its reach across other countries in Latin America, and eventually to the U.S.

Through its perfect trifecta of experience, content, and technology, Be Compliance continues to demonstrate an unmatched ability to deliver compliance solutions that meet the needs of companies to an unrivaled degree.

Be Compliance

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cyro Diehl, CEO and Akihito Kumon, CTO/Partner

Be Compliance has developed an integrated digital platform that allows companies to achieve compliance with various different regulations around the globe. The compliance platform offers solutions for governance and corporate compliance, privacy data compliance, and standards compliance

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