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Alex Wick, Global Marketing Manager
While organizations becoming more bullish about global expansion augmenting operations and penetrating into new foreign markets comes with its fair share of challenges and unique software requirements. Consequently, as the number of subsidiaries increases so does the variance in products and ERP systems adopted. To achieve autonomy and balance the software needs of an extended enterprise, organizations are faced with the challenges of coordinating operations, maintaining visibility and transparency, and consolidating data. According to Alex Wick, the global marketing manager at be one solutions, the answer to all these challenges lies with SAP Business One. As affirmed by the expert, the lack of transparency and consolidated data acts as a hindrance to communication between the headquarters and the subsidiaries. Governed by the mission to standardize ERP, be one solutions is disrupting the subsidiary business by assisting companies to establish uniformity, business process efficiency, and compliance along with maintaining transparency and visibility across their subsidiaries, globally.

be one solutions, the globally accredited SAP Business One roll-out expert, was born with a singular vision to be the one-stop-shop for the diverse SAP Business One requirements. With over 100 SAP Business One® experts onboard, the company has formed successful partnerships with large, multinational enterprises to standardize ERP in terms of tools and processes for easy integration with their small and medium-size subsidiaries around the globe.

The journey for be one solutions started 10 years ago when the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers rocked the financial system to its core. Having started two weeks before Lehman Brothers collapse, Wicks recalls, “The collapse drove the world into an abyss for a full year and then many other years to recover.” In the midst of such testing times for the financial industry, be one solutions was all geared to beat the odds and carve its path to success. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has had a successful history of rolling out industry-specific, cost effective and easy-to-use solutions, catering to over 1 million users in 28 different languages and time zones. “There are 600 partners of SAP around the world, out of which only a handful concentrate on global business or global roll-out of Business One solution. Out of those handfuls only one, be one solutions has marked its presence in more than 54 countries around the world,” reveals Wick.

While SAP S4/HANA has evolved as the new digital core, Wick explains, large organizations spend millions of dollars on its implementation. Despite the fact that SAP Business One is specially designed for the small and medium-sized businesses, be one solutions offers the software to the largest brands in manufacturing, chemical, and automotive industries that have hundreds of subsidiaries around the world. This precisely serves as their unique selling proposition.
A certified SAP Business One® Gold Partner, be one solutions seamlessly integrates SAP Business One for its clients, thereby automating the business processes among the headquarters and their subsidiaries. A two-tier ERP strategy specialist, be one solutions aims to bring down processing costs and the time consumed in accelerating interaction between the headquarters of organizations and their subsidiaries. From supporting, maintaining, and enhancing business processes on SAP Business One application to designing and developing SAP add-ons, the company assists clients to have an overview of real-time business-critical data and ensure that their business is running in an appropriate direction.

We strive to live up to the meaning of our logo: ‘The Global SAP Business One Rollout Experts

Interestingly, SAP Business One consists of all the features of a typical ERP system, yet the uniqueness of this solution lies in its simple plug-and-play approach, which helps businesses to perform activities without investing much time in setting up the environment and connecting users to it. In addition, Wick maintains that SAP Business One is significantly cost-effective and helps organizations to save millions of dollars as compared to its counterparts. be one solutions assists clients with the installation of SAP Business One ERP system, which involves weeklong comprehensive training that empowers organizations to attain a broader understanding of the software. This assists clients in automating and consolidating data into a single system and reduces paperwork in the process.

In an instance, BASF, a renowned chemical company based in Germany, experienced an uneven proportion of investment and requirements in terms of handling SAP ECC. Not only the implementation cycle was extensive, but also the cost was too high for the smaller subsidiaries to bear. be one solutions encompassed all of BASF’s requirements by integrating cost-effective SAP Business One seamlessly to BASF’s core system and helped them accelerate the processes in a much shorter time. Currently, the company is installing the system in the other subsidiaries of BASF in critical markets such as Tanzania and Myanmar. Besides, be one solutions also boasts of a clientele spanning the global big shots such as Man Diesel, Mitsubishi, Velux, Volkswagen and Daimler.

The company has extensive expansion plans across APAC regions, along with South America and Europe. Companies rely on be one solutions for their unique approach in reducing the complexity of conventional ERP systems. “We strive to live up to the meaning of our logo: ‘The Global SAP Business One Rollout Experts,’” says Wick, “As SAP Business One experts, we will continue to improve ourselves in the subsidiary business.”

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Alex Wick, Global Marketing Manager

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