BeaconLive: Spearheading the New Era of Continuing Legal Education

John Duplin, CEO
Ever since the advent of COVID-19, there has been an explosion of online learning and collaboration platforms, tools, and technologies developed to suit industry-specific requirements. However, when it comes to organizations with a niche focus, such as continuing legal education (CLE), a plain vanilla webinar or collaboration platform doesn’t cut it anymore. Most of these platforms fail to offer sophisticated features to track user progress and credits for certification or support rule-based processes. BeaconLive holds the key to this problem.

BeaconLive is a B2B continuing education (CE) SaaS platform designed to support secure and customized webinars, virtual and hybrid events and facilitate live to on-demand content geared toward the distinct needs of clients. The company’s reputed, prolific clientele comprises some of the largest legal, medical, and professional development companies. “Customers don’t always need to use Zoom for everything, as BeaconLive provides a platform that is unique to their industry. What helps us strengthen our competitive edge is that we understand our customers’ business and offer an apt solution,” says John Duplin, CEO of BeaconLive. BeaconLive supports one-to-one as well as one-to-many virtual and hybrid events with hundreds to 60,000+ attendees.

BeaconLive combines highly sophisticated technology, similar to that leveraged by larger webinar platform providers, with CE features and functionalities. BeaconLive’s advanced, CLE-enabled events platform has been developed from the ground up to streamline and automate administrative-heavy CLE workflows.

Through the platform, the company offers an array of interactive features, including white-labeled CLE catalogs, live, pre-recorded, and on demand content, CLE tracking and automated certificate issuance, and detailed post-webinar reporting. The platform also supports networking and breakout sessions, API integrations, along with 24/7 customer support.

What truly sets BeaconLive apart is its bespoke feature to track individual user attendance, progress, and evaluations. Moreover, BeaconLive has developed the platform over the years by clearly understanding the requirements of legal professionals practicing in different states and building features and functionalities to help them adhere to the rules and regulations prescribed by the accrediting bodies of each of those states. For instance, the requirements for a lawyer in New York are different from California.
BeaconLive’s platform supports all necessary features to accommodate the requisite rules and help attorneys continue to excel in their careers.

“We operate in a ‘zero-error industry’ with high performance standards where even the smallest of the mistakes, such as poor connectivity or bandwidth issues, can bring an entire webinar or any online event to a grinding halt,” shares Duplin. To keep pace with such demands of perfection, BeaconLive relies on its highly professional and astute engineering, marketing, and operations teams. Backed by an exceptionally talented team of professionals, BeaconLive follows a meticulous client engagement approach. The company attentively listens to customers to develop and roll out new feature sets accordingly.

What helps us strengthen our competitive edge is that we understand our customers’ business and offer an apt solution

BeaconLive aims to meet customers’ needs and exceed expectations. For gaps in its solutions, the company looks to customers as design partners to help drive development. For development requests that align with or minimally impact the existing roadmap and benefit other customers, there is no additional charge. For development requests that are one-off or require altering the company’s roadmap, there may be an SOW and a nominal engineering fee. For development requests that are urgent and/or completely one-off, an SOW and NRE estimate will be provided.

BeaconLive looks at design partner development not as profit but as opportunities to gain long-term business partners. In the end, customers know best what they need to provide value and stay competitive in their markets. With robust capabilities at the core, BeaconLive caters to many in the list of top 250 law firms. The company believes that building its engineering team in-house and developing its intellectual property helps it to stay nimble and roll out products faster. Moving ahead, BeaconLive continues to build on its rich 15-year legacy and reach newer heights.


Wakefield, MA

John Duplin, CEO

A highly capable platform and a team of individuals to deliver secure, customized webinars, virtual & hybrid events and live to On-Demand content