BEAM by Monigle: Humanizing Brand Governance

Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer
“Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders.”

These words by Larry Fink—an investment manager overlooking nearly six trillion dollars at BlackRock, an investment management corporation—have never been more relevant for the present business landscape. Whether it is the pandemic or the rising socio-political movements like Black Lives Matter, it is becoming imperative for businesses to take a moral stand and accentuate their purpose and contribution to society. Amid this paradigm shift toward brand humanization, business leaders are seeking to present a relatable brand image and retain their valued consumers and employees. Hence, it becomes the task of the respective brand teams to ensure that their company’s brand story is true, authentic, and purposeful. And this is where brand experience agencies like Monigle can make all the difference for business organizations.

Through its robust brand management and asset management platform, BEAM, the industry-leading brand experience agency, supports its clients in crafting a relatable, engaging, and purposeful branding story. Monigle integrates education, guidance, and engagement into the BEAM platform, enabling users to build a sustainable brand governance process, thereby aiding them to connect with their consumers at an emotional level.

Notably, Monigle works hand-in-hand with its clients. Whether it is tackling a massive rebranding project or smaller individual elements of branding like strategy, insights, architecture, activation, culture, environment, or asset management, Monigle’s expert team and the robust BEAM platform are always at the disposal of its clients to script and activate the most engaging branding story.


“As brands evolve their narrative and creative assets, they need to communicate the same to their internal workforce and provide easy access to these assets,” says Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Monigle. However, this is turning out to be a challenge for business organizations. In many cases, brand teams are still using flat PDF guidelines on SharePoint and other systems. Without the necessary branding tools, it is becoming extremely difficult for the brand teams to manage the proliferation of data, content, and assets leveraged by their branding centers. At this inflection point, businesses are starting to shed their inefficient practices and outdated branding models, and accommodate the needs of the modern consumer.

In order to achieve such a humanized brand, Cohen notes that business organizations also need to constantly update their content, make it more engaging and educational, and facilitate brand teams to seamlessly update and upgrade the brand assets.

In order to achieve a humanized brand, business organizations need to constantly update their content, make it more engaging and educational, while making it easy for brand teams to update and upgrade the brand assets

Since employees represent the brand on the front lines of consumer interaction, they must be able to make quick decisions and react appropriately to customer requests. On the other side, the brand must engage with the customers via a multitude of social media platforms. Monigle makes all of this possible with BEAM.


The SaaS-like platform, BEAM, acts as a ‘bridge’ connecting a brand with its consumers. Every BEAM center (brand centers created with BEAM) is unique and tells a client’s brand story in the most compelling and engaging manner— whether it is through videos, images, charts, quizzes, and so on. The platform provides ready access to assets, guidelines, templates, and dynamic tools to expedite the production of on-brand collateral. Using these functionalities, clients can personalize their brand centers depending on the branding message they want to deliver to their customers.

What’s more? Using BEAM, clients can easily upload, organize, and manage their brand assets, all in one centralized location. The brand assets can either be uploaded to the brand center in bulk or one at a time, based on their requirements. Even adding and replacing brand content and assets is a cakewalk with BEAM’s robust content management system (CMS). Featuring an editor, drag and drop ability, and other administrative functions, BEAM makes it easy for clients to control asset distribution and keep the content updated in their BEAM centers. As and when the brand story needs to progress, clients can evolve the brand center content in real-time, making it quick and accurate using content versioning.

And with BEAM’s robust API capability, clients no longer have to depend on their siloed brand management tools. They can easily integrate BEAM with their various brand and marketing software solutions into a single branding ecosystem, which will not only facilitate a seamless user experience but also boost the brand center efficiency.


Today, powered by BEAM, hundreds of clients have been able to revolutionize their brand story. Deloitte, a prominent professional services network, can attest to this, as Kelley Grover, Deloitte’s Global Brand Identity, Standards, and Protection Leader, illustrates how Monigle helped transform her organization’s brand management system.
Kelley GroverWhen Kelley joined Deloitte, she realized that it was time to align the organization’s brand with the new era of digitalization. According to her, “A brand has to deliver the same experience regardless of where the client is geographically or what kind of device they use.” However, upgrading the brand in such a way required an evolved brand center equipped with robust, cutting-edge technology reflective of a world-leading organization, and Monigle’s BEAM was the obvious choice. By teaming together, Deloitte transformed its brand center from a repository of static guidelines and files to a new dynamic platform with relevant and engaging content—known as Brand Space today.

"Using BEAM, clients can easily upload, organize, and manage their brand assets, all in one centralized location"

Leveraging the robust functionalities of BEAM, Brand Space is the epitome of successful brand governance in perfect alignment with Deloitte’s go-to-market strategy. The brand center’s best practices showcase gallery is updated on a daily basis. The digestible training videos in Brand Space cover a broad range of touchpoints, from creating on-voice content to delivering an on- brand experience. Brand Space receives about 100,000 unique visitors per month, a significant rise from its 60,000 prior to the rebranding.

In the same vein, Cohen shares several more instances where Monigle has empowered organizations to transform their brand identity. When Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, was going through a due diligence process to choose a brand center, they chose Monigle. Not only this, Northern Light Health, a leader in healthcare, says, “The Brand Center was critical to our brand launch and for ongoing governance. It provides our 13,000+ employees across the state a go-to resource for everything related to the brand, alleviates the day-to-day tasks for our marketing team, and helps unify us around one Northern Light Health. It is also creating an environment where people are actively seeking and using brand tools.”


Penning hundreds of similar success stories on its growth path, Monigle is laser-focused on removing the barriers around brand governance. The company’s role is being recognized even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, with businesses leveraging Monigle’s BEAM solution to deploy new and relevant content to the consumers. Even in the healthcare space, Monigle is placing its stakes on telehealth, empowering healthcare providers to unlock the potential of branding technology. Monigle is also investing its efforts in building greater community engagement within brand centers, encouraging teams across the world to share best practices. To conclude, Cohen says, “the future is not just about brand centers or DAMs, it is about facilitating a symbiosis between technology, people, and processes.”

BEAM by Monigle

Denver, CO

Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer and Kelley Grover

Monigle is an independent brand experience and management agency offering BEAM, a brand engagement, and asset management platform. Founded in 1971, the Colorado-based company has always believed that the beating heart of the most human brands lies in the totality of their experience. Thus, to rewrite the rules of brand governance, Monigle introduced BEAM, the world’s leading brand management software. It is a brand engagement and asset management platform heralding a new era of a brand concierge. The SaaS-based platform has all the features that a brand may need. BEAM helps brands create a brand center, a clear, well-structured library of a brand’s fonts, logos, visuals, tone of voice (ToV), colors, and other elements that form a brand’s DNA

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