Bedrock Technology: A Shiny Nugget Found in Bedrock, a NetApp Partner

Dean Cappellazzo, CEO
Headquartered in San Diego, CA and offices in Northern California, Bangalore and Pune, India, Bed¬rock Technology Partners has developed expertise in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), semi-conductor and software development. Bedrock has created a game changing strategy focused on the world’s foremost technology companies. Bedrock’s clients are in highly competitive markets that require them to design, develop, manufacture, and bring to market cost-effective, highly complex solutions.

Bedrock is a collaboratively driven, solutions-first company that understands the challenges and threats facing the global market. Their consulting team works with high-tech companies that are challenged with the integration of different systems, complex multi-site designs and multi-site data trans¬fer. They provide clients an ability to scale in terms of data sharing and resources across global sites. Bedrock builds practices that help clients address these challenges and bring their products to markets fast. “When it comes to the semiconductor space, it’s all about how soon the companies can get their chip out to market,” says Ravi Poddar, CTO, Bedrock Technology Partners.

“Although every customer does things differently, they use the same set of tools,” acknowledges Poddar. With a PhD in chip design and a background in software devel-opment, Poddar understands the situation extremely well, which helps Bedrock design solutions that improve the customers’ work¬flow. For instance, one of the underlying technologies used by Bedrock’s customers for collaboration is source control management, a tool called P4 from Perforce. This tool allows for source code collaboration among different teams, and through NetApp technologies, Bedrock enhances the way this collaboration happens. In similar engagements, Bedrock’s professional approach ensures that they are able to tweak the storage infrastructure from NetApp—maximizing performance. “This is a unique approach because most partners tend to throw more hardware at the issue whereas Bedrock fine-tunes the existing environment and maximizes the investment made by the customer in that infrastructure,” says Poddar. Bedrock also leverages other key NetApp technologies helping companies easily scale their infrastructure without the fear of risks and cost.
The solutions offered at Bedrock are very intuitive, with hardware, configuration of software, a combination of the storage and server—all integrating into data centers located across the world. Traditionally, implementing such a solution takes about eight weeks, from configuration to quote and customs to shipping. But Bedrock reduces that time to 2.5 weeks in terms of time to market, time to value delivery. “At the end of all of this, the client has to deliver a product to their end customer and if we’re able to improve time to market by 1 day, companies save millions,” says Tom Holt, VP Sales, Bedrock Technology Partners. This proficiency has gained Bedrock multiple clients from Fortune 1000 corporations, large and small enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.

“Bedrock looks at this knowledge as the baseline for any company in any vertical. Our experiences in EDA and Software Design has allowed us to spread across other verticals such as financial, oil and gas, media and entertainment, startups and cloud infrastructures. In collaboration and close partnership with Intel, HP (Platinum Partner) and leading CAD software design companies, we are at the forefront to push compute and NetApp storage to their limits. This investment by Bedrock has created a serious buzz and has changed the way our clients view the VAR industry. Bedrock is setting the bar extremely high for competing VAR and will continue to push our technical expertise. While Bedrock has the most technical and experienced engineering team in the EDA software development space, we are continually adding resources to meet our client’s growing demand. The demand for our expertise has allowed Bedrock to open up offices internationally to support customer’s global demand,” comments Dean Cappellazzo, CEO.

Going forward, Bedrock plans to extend their network to many countries. Partner¬ships are already in the works, which will allow them to sell globally, while continuing to expand in California. Bedrock has an interoperability lab in California to test their solutions before releasing it. “There are certain areas that customers are looking at like data analytics, healthcare, and biotech, and we feel that these are interesting verticals that offer unique challenges,” concludes Poddar.

Bedrock Technology

San Diego, CA

Dean Cappellazzo, CEO and Ravi Poddar, CTO Avinash Rao,VP Engineering

Builds practices around their technical expertise that help clients address challenges and bring their products to markets fast. Bedrock solutions are very intuitive, with hardware, configuration of software, a combination of the storage and server.