Belatrix Software: Finding Answers to the Most Difficult Puzzles in Software Development

Luis Robbio, CEO
Who is not fighting an uphill battle in the business world today? Whether it is a Fortune 500 giant craving to open a new branch in a European market or a two-month-old tech startup striving to become a brand, the struggle is pervasive and fierce.

For software engineering firms like Belatrix, their focus is on helping organizations overcome these challenges. “Both young and mature companies come to us with demand for software, and for help across their whole product development process,” says Luis Robbio, CEO, Belatrix. “That is why we have made open source Java technology the epicenter of our offerings.” Java lowers the barrier to entry in the market, reduces software development costs, and promises efficient performance ratios. “Additionally, we leverage proven agile methodologies, mobile technology, and ‘put to full use’ our workforce’s talent to help companies iterate and move fast in their journey.” Winning a battle is a team effort, and Mendoza, Argentina headquartered Belatrix is aspiring to become the partner of choice by providing the right support and tools to its clients.

Java, the DNA of a multitude of platforms—Facebook, eBay, Amazon—has experienced continuous enhancement over the years. At Belatrix, one can see software engineers harnessing the muscle of Java and open source middleware to build products with increased quality, while minimizing the time to market margin. At the same time Belatrix has also partnered with WSO2, a leading vendor of service-oriented architecture middleware, in order “to further expand our frontiers,” says Robbio.

The roots of Belatrix reach deep inside the landscape of different industries. For example, Belatrix works closely with health-tech companies and bioresearch firms. One such body is the Broad Institute, the biomedical and genomic research center of Harvard and MIT, which has worked with Belatrix to enhance and develop tools that can analyze genetics and help find cures for serious diseases. “Built on the bedrock of Java codes, these tools are not only a bridge for a better tomorrow, but also make us very proud,” adds Robbio.

For companies opening their wings to take their first flight in the business world, Belatrix can give them an additional push.

Today we are providing services; going forward we intend to render solutions and provide answers to the most difficult puzzles in software development

“Our agile methodology, which works in concert with our clients, means we engage with them at an earlier stage of product development,” says Robbio. Both work on the same principle and mission; to keep customers at the focus and forefront of all their efforts. For example, while embracing the space of the Internet of Things (IoT) such methodologies have assisted the company with eminent returns—such as building innovative, cost effective IoT solutions for clients in the ad tech vertical. “The bricks of our company are built with innovation that we foster through skill building initiatives such as hackathons for our employees,” adds Robbio. Innovation leads to improvisation and improvement, which in turn imbues quality; this can be seen across the Quality Analysis (QA) offerings of Belatrix. It has allowed the company to build strong partnerships with their customers on the grounds of trust and confidence.

After grappling with old technologies and a poor user experience of their online video advertising interface, one customer knocked on the doors of Belatrix to redefine their platform. “We built a new interface with Java for them that meant they could engage in new ways with their end users,” says Robbio.

In the coming months, Belatrix will continue to strive to create better results for their customers by leveraging the capabilities of Java and learning from their partners. “Today we are providing services; going forward we intend to render solutions and provide answers to the most difficult puzzles in software development,” adds Robbio. To make this vision a reality, Belatrix will embrace middleware and open source technologies, and continue to form strategic alliances to reach new horizons.

Belatrix Software

Mendoza, Argentina

Luis Robbio, CEO

By combining deep agile development expertise and design thinking, the company delivers high-quality, engaging software experiences to their customers

Belatrix Software