BELINTRA: Smart Tech-enabled Approach to Medication Distribution

Phillip Van Gorp, President USA Belintra Med IT and Storage Solutions
Ensuring sterility of surgical instruments and secure medication distribution is undoubtedly crucial to patient safety—especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although healthcare facilities try to secure medication distribution by leveraging medication cabinets, the seemingly simple task of delivering and dispensing medicines still has room for improvement. This is where Belgium-based healthcare solution provider BELINTRA steps in, offering effective healthcare logistics solutions around mobile I.T. and medication distribution.

“Our primary concern is the welfare of patients. As such, BELINTRA’s bespoke solutions are designed to help healthcare facilities improve patient care significantly,” says Phillip Van Gorp, U.S. President of Belintra Med I.T. and Storage Solutions. The company augments medication distribution through medication carts, which can be attached to a computer on wheels while assuring superior I.T. security. BELINTRA’s Roll-IT works like a mobile workstation that provides staff access to patients’ electronic medical records. The company also delivers its logistics solutions around the central sterile services department (CSSD)/clean processing department(SPD) and surgical service departments (OR).

Roll-IT links patients with their medical records and enables the hospital staff to update and use the health record at the patient’s bedside. Nurses and medical staff can bring the unit along on their daily rounds. One of the key advantages of using Roll-IT is that it can be detached from the medical supply cart called Medicart IT. As such, nurses do not have to bring the medical supply cart along with the Roll-IT into the patient’s room and prevent cross-contamination. At the same time, nurses can do the required documentation by entering the room with just Roll-IT while keeping the supply cart at bay. Hospitals can choose between a Medicart equipped with I.T. or a Roll-IT to track electronic medical records files until the moment of administration of the medication. Although many healthcare solution providers couple computer on wheels with a supply cart, none of them provide an option to separate the two. On the contrary, Roll-It can be detached from the medical supply cart and used just as a computer with wheels.

BELINTRA’s Roll-IT comes with multiple cart storage options. A basic computer on wheels can be customized by choosing the right cart size, drawer space, and more.

Our primary concern is the welfare of patients. As such, BELINTRA’s bespoke solutions are designed to help healthcare facilities improve patient care significantly

Although the computer can be detached from the cart, there are times when customers look for undetachable options due to security concerns. In such cases, BELINTRA can enhance the security of the cart by employing RFID tags and limiting the drawer access to a few users. As a standard storage medication cart, Medicart IT makes use of software that allows controlling drawer access. Although Roll- IT can be employed in hospital departments that experience high traffic, at present, it is being used widely in operating rooms, emergency departments, and nursing units.

Both the Roll-IT and Medicart come with an adjustable-height monitor stand as standard configuration. Moreover, the heights of the drawers of Medicarts can also be changed based on a hospital department’s specific needs. A user can also check the battery status using a visual battery indicator on the monitor, which displays multiple colors depending on the percentage of charge. When it comes to installation, healthcare facilities can buy the cart with a standard computer and download the required applications as per their needs. The company also offers the service of their in-house I.T. maintenance team to handle installations and maintenance agreements.

With Roll-IT’s huge success in the European market, BELINTRA has launched the product in the U.S., and the company is setting up an open showroom in Minneapolis, MN. Although BELINTRA is focusing on the niche market in the healthcare industry, the company is a specialist among leading European suppliers of logistics solutions. “There is no art in hospital logistics. It’s a science. With precisely targeted objectives, tried and tested methods, tracked and traced results, and conclusions that are constantly assessed. That’s why at Belintra our product engineers are continually innovating, so they can develop new ways of performing old jobs quicker, more cost-effectively, and greener,” Phillip concludes.


Blaine, MN

Phillip Van Gorp, President USA Belintra Med IT and Storage Solutions

BELINTRA is a leading healthcare logistics solution provider offering various mobile IT and secure medication distribution solutions. The company has launched its Medicart Standard IT and Medicart Small IT and the Roll-IT computer-on-wheels for nursing wards and hospitals. These solutions can be seamlessly used in all departments, wherever there is a need for an electronic patient file available on a mobile basis. The Roll-IT allows the doctor to easily and quickly consult the electronic files during his rounds to explain the file to the patients in their respected rooms and update the medication schedule in real-time. For medicine distribution, the Roll-IT can be effectively linked to the Medicart