Belitsoft: Custom Software Development through .NET Framework

Alexander Beresnyakov, CEO & Co-Founder
The landscape of software development is evolving in a nature-defining speed toward new ways of interaction and information propagation. The metamorphosis is bought out by advent of dynamic framework such as .NET which proffers benefits including language independence, lessened code, and server controls. Despite extensive advantages offered by .NET, today’s CIOs look out for a partner who can efficiently extend standard functionality of .NET framework to match their individual business goals. Understanding the gravity of the issue is Belitsoft, a Minskbased company which provides custom software development based on their substantial know-how of Microsoft .NET technology. “Our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s interfaces and tools empowers us to deliver extra value for our clients,” says Alexander Beresnyakov, CEO and Co-founder of Belitsoft.

The company also offers other services including web oriented site development, multi-functional web application and .NET application development. “Our innate ability to harness the power of technology and area competence enables us to spearhead Microsoft-based custom software development,” explains Beresnyakov.

The company leverages comprehensive programming model of .NET framework to deliver various services including mobile application development for Windows OS, Custom .NET business solutions development, .NET software integration, and migration to .NET framework. Besides team expertise, the company capitalizes on features of .NET such as integrated toolset, lucid programming model, and language compliance to build robust software productsthat are capable of boosting productivity, and facilitating the client’s business goals. Apart from building and deploying .NET based solutions, the company additionally plays chief role in supporting and maintaining those custom solutions. “Our clients trust us and value all the range of services we provide from consulting to product development and maintenance,” expresses Beresnyakov.

The company goes a step further with its ‘readiness to assist’ IT organizations and thus offers a dedicated team of .NET programmers for hiring purposes.

Our innate ability to harness the power of technology and area competence enables us to spearhead Microsoft-based custom software development

“Our innovative team, apart from helping with realization of IT objectives, also assists in charting a realistic roadmap for clients,” asserts Beresnyakov.

Belitsoft understands the practical issues faced by customers. “We develop our solutions based on current requisites and pain-points of our clients, which makes our solution unique and sustainable in today’s crucial IT environment,” remarks Beresnyakov. Such dexterity has enabled company to successfully implement projects of different complexities, and for various industries. In one such example, the company, by leveraging .NET and Angular JS, helped Israel-based client to develop an expert system for agriculture. The main goal of this system was to provide detailed information about servicing exact dozes of fertilizers for exact kind of plant and quantity. Belitsoft took up the challenge and created an efficient front-end by utilizing ASP.NET framework and Angular JS. The front-end that consisted use of several dashboards with statistic data enabled ease in observing the data. “Within little budget they had, our customer got fully functional software with perfect views of statistics,” says Beresnyakov.

Riding on such success stories, the company continues to seek opportunities to expand their valuable partnership with Microsoft. “As an official Microsoft Gold Partner Application Development Company, we eagerly look forward to strengthen our bond, and continue using their valuable tools,” says Beresnyakov. Owing to the vast experience and state-of-art .NET based solutions, the company is bound to viably meet the needs of discrete IT organizations across a wide range of industries for years to come.


Minsk, Belarus

Alexander Beresnyakov, CEO & Co-Founder

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