Bell Integrator: Leveraging Cisco Solutions for Vendor-Agnostic Integrated Solutions

Andrey Korobitsyn, Founder and CEO
As a sports enthusiast, Andrey Korobitsyn, says, “Ice Hockey teaches me to be powerful and aggressive in my approach to the competition, while Tennis teaches me to be responsible for the success and failure alike, and golf inspires me to be patient and goal-oriented.” In many ways, Korobitsyn is able to translate these traits into the organizational structure of Bell Integrator—a global consulting firm—which Korobitsyn established in 2003.

In the past decade, the company has established itself as a synonym for success—addressing the complex business and technology needs—partnering with the likes of Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft. “We define customer business requirements, assess their infrastructure, applications and processes, and deliver a proof of concept to deploy,” affirms Korobitsyn, Founder and CEO of Bell Integrator. The company is dedicated to provide its customers most reliable solutions available in the market. A leading telecom operator stands testimony to the efficacy of the solutions. When the operator needed to secure its Mobile and Evolved Packet Core network from different types of attacks, spoofing, malicious traffic, and unauthorized access, Bell Integrator was employed to address the issue. “Due to critical role of services delivered by the LTE network, high availability was a must. The customer’s LTE network and base stations consisted of equipment from more than 8 vendors,” explains Korobitsyn. This required newly implemented security equipment to support vendor-agnostic communications essential for the LTE network. Bell Integrator architected a Cisco Security solution that met all the customer's requirements and performed a full range of activities from installation to ensuring interaction between the existing customer monitoring systems and the new equipment. “Also, the Cisco Security Manager was integrated, providing a single point of management for all Cisco Security solutions via a convenient web interface,” adds Korobitsyn.

Additionally, as a technology services and outsourcing company, Bell Integrator, enables its clients to align with disruptive technologies in the networking space.
The company helps service providers capitalize on the potential of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) by offering consulting, design, and deployment of NFV environments based on Cisco products. “Our approach ensures the optimal blend of scalability, reduced TCO, and increased ROI,” says Korobitsyn. “Our services include not only design and implementation, but also consulting, audit, maintenance, and support.”

Bell Integrator has been able to connect the gap between business applications and network architecture through its integrated solutions. The company is dedicated for making all the integrating systems work coherently. “While meeting the highest level of standards and requirements we implement an accumulated stack of our own processes, know-how, and best practices,” says Korobitsyn. Bell Integrator is focused in delivering complex solutions in multi-vendor environment, contributing to customer’s success since the past 10 years. Bell Integrator employs its own testing methodology based on RUP (Rational Unified Process) to establish every piece in coalesced solution works as required. In addition to this, the company also invests heavily in R&D to make sure that their solutions stay abreast with new and cutting-edge technologies like SDN and NFV.

Our approach ensures the optimal blend of scalability reduced TCO, and increased ROI

Innovation is an another focus area for Bell Integrator where the company utilizes experience of its employees who have deep vertical focus in telecom, finance, healthcare, and transportation. Bell Integrator also partners with world-leading technology manufacturers to bring best of all worlds for its clients. The company now plans to leverage Cisco Works Monitoring Center to provide comprehensive visibility to the network, reporting options and event correlation, and threat detection for its clients.

Bell Integrator

Mountain View, CA

Andrey Korobitsyn, Founder and CEO

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