Best Business Strategies: Making Sage 50 Adoption a Breeze

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Shirley Byard, Owner & Allen Byard, Vice President of Sales
Many small to midsize businesses, managing their manufacturing, distribution, nonprofit or the service industry businesses, look to Sage 50 to process their daily accounting functions. Sage 50 Cloud is one of the leading accounting solutions on the market today. This feature-rich desktop solution has numerous advantages over its competition. It can hold up to 99 companies, but its major strength is its strong inventory system. It tracks the cost of goods when purchased using FIFO, LIFO or Average method and allows you to over sell your stock without forfeiting cost of goods sold, unlike others. With the Job Costing, Inventory, Customer, and Vendor Management Centers, this software allows companies with up to 40-users to make it their Accounting software of choice.

With a myriad of features and customization options, making efficient use of the software could be challenging for users. To get the most out of their software, users today are looking for a trusted reseller/consultant who can provide support with a personal touch.

This is where Best Business Strategies comes in. Led by Shirley Byard, a Sage 50 Certified Consultant and Trainer, the company makes the adoption of Sage 50 a breeze. Today, the company is the leading reseller of Sage 50 in North America. Shirley founded the company 17 years ago. Working from her basement, she started at ground level with no customers. Since then, she has been leading the company on a path to incessant growth. In 2008, she was awarded “Rising Star Award” from Sage and part of Sage President’s Circle numerous times starting in 2011. She built her expertise through hands on training after working with the software for several years before becoming a Certified Consultant.

Providing the requisite support with a personalized approach, Best Business Strategies has received excellent five star ratings and reviews from clients. “It is that personal touch which you give to your clients that makes them want to come back to you. And I don’t want to tell them what to do. I want to give them enough information so that they can make their own decision. So, I don’t just sell the solution to them; I teach them. I mentor and empower them,” says Shirley.

When a company purchases Sage 50 from Best Business Strategies, they get Sage Business care, which includes unlimited support from Sage and updates for one year from date of purchase. They are also offered a free online class, conducted live by Shirley, where they are walked through the software to give them a better understanding of the functionalities and features.
The intent is to explain the software layout and to help them perform their accounting tasks with fewer mouse clicks to make them more efficient. If this is not enough or if the client has a specific need, Best Business Strategies offers online one-on one training, consulting, and support. During a remote session Shirley identifies the issues faced by her clients and will consult with them to devise a plan that would work uniquely for them. It may be that they need a new way of performing the task or possibly an add-on.

One of the most important partners of Best Business Strategies is Act! CRM software. Act! is a database software used to manage contact relationships, sales pipeline, and a marketing tool. Act! holds important data for the company and is often seen as the heartbeat of a business. Best Business Strategies has an Act! Certified Consultant, Allen Byard, on staff as well. When the two programs are integrated, the data is streamlined between the CRM and Sage 50 program. The relationship of the two programs heightens the user’s efficiency and effectiveness within the office, which is seen as a significant benefit.

Best Business Strategies is growing! Best Business Strategies will be adding another Sage 50 Certified Consultant to its staff. The need to add another Sage 50 Certified Consultant has inspired Allen to acquire his Sage certification. Growing in this position, he has taken on administrative tasks and is being mentored by Shirley to maintain the excellent customer service our clientele is accustomed to.

I don’t just sell the solution to them; I teach them. I mentor and empower them

Best Business Strategies offers its Sage Support and services to a wide range of companies, from mom-and pop stores to companies ready to go public.

Services include Sage 50 data repair, data upgrades to newer versions, data purge, and company rebuilds.

Add-ons include barcode scanning, manufacturing software, time clocks, shipping, data backup, merchant services, AP entry & sales tax programs.

Looking retrospectively at what the company has achieved and where it stands today, Shirley attributes the company’s success to her team. She believes that by working with dedication, the team has been able to garner commendable reviews from clients who keep coming back.

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Shirley Byard, Owner & Allen Byard, Vice President of Sales

One of the leading resellers of Sage 50 in North America. The company has experienced certified consultants that specialize in Act! CRM software, Sage 50 Accounting software, and over 20 add-ons.

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