Beyond CRM: A Catalyst to Comprehensive Dynamics CRM for the Small Business

Warren Davies, Director
Since its launch in 2003, Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been witnessing a remarkable growth in terms of customer base, with many large-scale businesses and conglomerates adopting the tool to add value to their customer relationship profile. To help these large enterprises in the areas of consultation, configuration, and deployment support, numerous solution and service providers had risen to bridge the gap between the businesses’ requirements and the considerable configuration required surrounding the CRM tool. While the larger organizations have large budgets and project teams driving adoption of the Microsoft platform, it is an overwhelming route for the Small-to-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) to take. A differentiator in this space, Beyond CRM is changing the modus operandi, by exclusively catering to the smaller businesses, expediting the end-to-end process of setting up fully operational CRM platforms that fit the customer’s bill. “With Beyond CRM, customers can now bring aboard CRM into their bu inesses quickly and efficient ly by speeding up the process chain— analysis on requirements, design, and build—which is a costly exercise,” affirms Warren Davies, Director, Beyond CRM.

In the SMB market, the need-of-thehour is a basic, yet comprehensive CRM tool that can facilitate communication with customers, replacing cumbersome manual data management processes. Beyond CRM provides prebuilt, preconfigured solutions that can still be quickly customized for organizations in the small business marketplace. “We have delved deep into the functioning of the Dynamic CRM tool, and we know how to establish a CRM instance for small businesses,” explains Davies.

Beyond CRM’s team provides ‘CRM Kickstart’—their key service—where they employ a transparent approach to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM through tailor-made and customized CRM installations for businesses.The CRM Kickstart envelopes a quickstep approach, taking customers through the phases of analysis, requirement gathering, planning, and deployment—efficiently and affordably.

We have delved deep into the functioning of the Dynamic CRM tool, and we know how to establish a CRM instance for small businesses

By analyzing a customer’s requirement based on their business model, Beyond CRM places several service options at the customer’s disposal. These range from Business to Business (B2B) to Business to Consumer (B2C), whether they involve resellers, partners, or suppliers in their delivery lifecycle, product and service type, or customer interaction modes. Beyond CRM has uniquely configured ready-to-use CRM versions that respond to all these models. The wide spectrum of solution variations ensures that the Dynamics CRM tool is implemented in shorter timeframes—lesser than a week—than traditionally designed and deployed CRM systems.

The CRM Kickstart works in a fixed scope, with predefined options, which then allows customers to expand their solution as their experience and needs evolve, such as evolving business processes and workflows, integrating their CRM with portals, costing engines, or other finance and backend solutions. “We provide templated or custom add-ons to meet more unique customer requirements,” Davies adds. Beyond CRM strives to meet the customer relationship needs of organizations with their preferred flavor of Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation in an agile manner.

Looking to tomorrow, Beyond CRM has aligned its roadmap with that of the rapidly evolving Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 platforms. With Davies and team in the picture, the previously underserved smaller organizations are now able to exploit the considerable capabilities within the CRM tool along with the evolving cloud-based Microsoft stack, Office 365. Emphasizing on building more momentum and securing a solid footprint in kick starting every CRM project, Beyond CRM’s focus will be on productizing CRM solutions and building out a portfolio of quickly deployable function-specific, plug-and-play components.

Beyond CRM

Brisbane, Australia

Warren Davies, Director

Helping SMBs kick-start Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments through preconfigured settings

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