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Dale Holmgren, President and COO
Which is better for hosting your business applications: on-premises or shared cloud infrastructure? According to Dale Holmgren, the president and COO of Beyond Impact, the answer is definitely shared cloud.

But why?

Let’s consider a scenario that you win a lottery of ten million dollars. You can either keep the money in a private vault at your home or deposit it at a bank locker for an additional fee. If you choose to keep it at home, you have to spend on building a secure vault and equipping it with robust security features. On the other hand, if you choose the bank, the security costs would be shared by thousands of different stakeholders, even adding up to a better security system. Above all, your money will be insured by the bank.

The same holds for shared cloud infrastructure with its data recovery and backup functionalities. Cloud-based IT offers the flexibility and performance needed to harness business data and derive value from it. And, when enterprises today seek to implement a robust cloud infrastructure and safeguard their ‘data vaults,’ Beyond Impact—a cloud service provider—helps them build success on top of it.

Utilizing its vast knowledge and expertise, Beyond Impact’s mission is ‘making IT better.’ It helps its clients achieve stability in a fast-changing technology landscape through quick and accurate IT cloud support. As a service provider specializing in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Data Platform, and other hosting services, Beyond Impact offers unparalleled cloud flexibility and user experience. “Our clients choose to partner with us because we are the best at what we do; we design and deliver Azure-based solutions that meet their exact needs,” says Holmgren.

Beyond Impact deals with a whole gamut of Microsoft products. With three Microsoft competencies in its bag (Gold Cloud Platform partner, Gold Data Analytics partner, Silver Cloud Productivity partner), Beyond Impact is perfectly positioned to help clients climb the stairway to the cloud.

Expanding on how Beyond Impact meets its clients’ exact needs, the president further adds, “We first sit down with the client and understand what they are trying to achieve from cloud migration.” The first meeting is followed by a planning session where the company identifies the workloads and consults with clients on the various cloud subscription models and the cloud resource groups available to them. For instance, if a client is seeking cost-effective and seamless data management, Beyond Impact recommends using Microsoft Azure—a simple, easy, and streamlined solution in terms of security and cost.

Utilizing its vast knowledge and expertise, Beyond Impact’s mission is ‘making IT better

Also, the risk of storage failure and the obsolescence of network hardware and servers are reduced significantly in the public cloud solution. On the other hand, clients who want more control over their hosted applications can choose to go with a private cloud infrastructure. Beyond Impact has its own data centers in which the private clouds can be hosted. After the complete migration to the cloud, Beyond Impact provides governance and management services to optimize the infrastructure. Additionally, the company offers continuous support in terms of backup, security, monitoring, and incident response.

Along with cloud hosting and managed services, Beyond Impact is a Microsoft data analytics consulting partner and Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP). Therefore, Beyond Impact specializes in the integration of Power BI and trains clients on data preparation, data quality, and data modeling, thus helping their data analysts develop Power BI reports.

Beyond Impact also places a strong emphasis on the security of their clients’ cloud infrastructures. As a SOC II audited services provider, the company ensures the secure management of client data, thus protecting the clients’ privacy. Today, large enterprises, including billion-dollar companies, trust Beyond Impact to maintain security and data privacy in their IT cloud infrastructures. This is a testament to the value Beyond Impact places on availability and security of its clients’ cloud infrastructure. Whether the applications are hosted on private or public servers, the company adheres to the most stringent security procedures and policies.

Driven by trust and integrity, Beyond Impact has come a long way in the last few years, forming valuable partnerships and collaborations. It was one of the first companies to use Azure Site Recovery as a migration tool, and, even today, remains a competent and trusted Microsoft partner in the field. “The next step for us is to reach the Azure Expert MSP level,” says Holmgren. The company is also poised to bolster its sales and marketing competencies to facilitate better lead generation, and thus, reach a broader pool of customers. Through these efforts, Beyond Impact is committed to helping enterprises through customized solutions and a cloud-first strategy.

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Dale Holmgren, President and COO and Dale Holmgren

Beyond Impact is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, focused on building holistic technology solutions that reflect our clients’ ambitions in Cloud, Data, and Analytics. Our custom solutions can provide organizations with increased scalability and flexibility while being more secure than ever.Our Services:Azure Cloud Strategy & Architecture (IaaS, PaaS, Hybrid);Azure Managed Services, Cloud Hosting, Azure CSP, O365;Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions (Power BI);Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS);Advanced Data Analytics, IoT, Big Data Solutions

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