BEYOND Technology Education: Integrated Lesson Plans To Augment Learning

CIO VendorErnie Delgado, Co-Founder
Technology planning should be made simple to be well implemented and received.BEYOND Technology Education enables all stake holders of a school to understand and value the integration of technology into the entire school culture. BTE inspires K-12 administrators, teachers and students to use computer technology to improve innovation, enhance complex problem solving skills and forge creative thinking within their classroom curriculum.

BTE helps schools easily integrate technology by focusing on four major planning areas. Identifying individual infrastructure needs for schools as they embrace individual device environments is the first requisite in technology continuum. Assessments and support through meaningful training and modeling help teachers enhance technology use for their core subjects.
The most current presentation tools and web 2.0 methods improve classroom instruction, equipping students to be technologically savvy global citizens for tomorrow.

For over two decades, BTE has helped K-12 schools best plan for technology. The existing infrastructure after evaluation is revamped, to include the necessary additions enabling the school to shift from a simple computer lab environment, to a mobile lab environment to an efficient one-to-one device environment for all or select grade levels.

A step approach is followed in the School Wide Integration Model (SWIM) philosophy. Technology becomes seamless and ceases to be an optional added on, but becomes a truly integrated part of the culture and DNA of the school. This is accomplished by bringing the ISTE guidelines into the classroom curriculum with teachers orchestrating just-in-time learning plans allowing all students’ access quality technology enriched lesson plans.

BEYOND Technology Education

Chino Hills, CA

Ernie Delgado, Co-Founder and Rick Harrell, Co-Founder

BEYOND Technology Education provides successful technology integration plans for K-12 education