BI Acuity: The Smart Choice for Oracle Analytic Solutions

John Kohnke, President Applying data technologies to resolve issues and generate innovative visions are essential for survival in these turbulent times. Additionally, as companies mature in their understanding and utilization of information, it becomes imperative to utilize data in a forward looking manner. BI Acuity, headquartered in Denver, CO is focused on enabling such an approach using the Oracle Business Analytics solutions set. BI Acuity’s products and services comprise of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle's Analytic Applications, Oracle’s Big Data solutions, Information Discovery, Exadata, Exalytics and other products that help companies understand their information in a better way. According to John Kohnke, CEO, “Not only are we experts in the technology, more importantly we understand the business benefits the technology enables.”
Being “Out-of-the-Box”:

BI Acuity has proven expertise in technology, architecting and engineering the solutions, business focused activities varying from partnering with departmental functional users to developing enterprise visions and strategies for utilizing information within an organization. Contrary to the common trend, the firm takes interest in a non-technology approach. The firm had succeeded in delivering robust solutions by implementing the right solution for the right problem.

A Success Story

One of their clients, a leading social media corporation in the Bay Area was facing an urgent need to associate with an Oracle system integrator to rapidly turn up the Oracle Business Intelligence Financials Analytics Application. BI Acuity was engaged to complete all the initial work within the first 60 days. The BI Acuity team was pressed at every step to build the best solution pushing through traditional roadblocks, perceived limitations or rules. The first 30 days of the project were spent on setting up the environments, configuring and loading the out of the box GL, AR and AP subject areas and reconciling them to the Oracle eBusiness Suite source. The following 30 days were focused upon
heavy customizations and a bit of "hacking" to include data from the client's third party procurement system into the AP subject area and to build a fully custom OBIEE KPI dashboard for financial KPI's that mimics the clients website monitoring dashboard. 60 days was an extremely aggressive timeline for the breadth and complexity of the requested scope. The 60 day effort was deemed a significant success story and today BI Acuity remains client’s primary Oracle BI/EDW system integrator.

A Budding Technology for the Future

Things loosely called Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning will continue to become more significant. Recognizing the potential, BI Acuity continues to expand their focus on tools such as Hadoop and Oracle's Big Data SQL. “We expect that over the next decade, the knowledge and the ability to leverage data by "non-technical" employees will be as common as Excel skills are today. Combined with virtually unlimited storage, compute scalability and other recent innovations the potential benefits are enormous and at this point largely untapped”, adds John.

Oracles product and near term roadmap continues to be influential for the sector. These progressive technologies have attracted clients, and BI Acuity is focused on helping their clients benefit from these trends.

BI Acuity

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John Kohnke, President

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