Biarri Networks: Data-Driven Approach to Fiber Network Deployment

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Paul Sulisz, CEO
Fiber-optic networks are a key part of everyone’s internet experience. In the pursuit of helping America keep pace with the digital adoption, telecom providers and ISPs are striving to accelerate their fiber deployment goals. However, designing and installing a fiber network requires managing huge volumes of data and handling complex regulations while considering environmental, cost, and geographic aspects. All of this presents significant barriers, prompting the need for a smarter and more efficient way to facilitate fiber deployments.

An expert in simplifying and optimizing this complex and tedious fiber network design and deployment is Biarri Networks. “We’re a trusted partner to fast-moving broadband companies. Our aim is to generate a network algorithmically to help accelerate digital quality, connect communities, and empower people,” says Paul Sulisz, the CEO of Biarri Networks. The company has developed innovative processes and tools that help clients improve network designs in the early stages of network construction planning.

Biarri Networks’ competitive edge comes from its machine assisted, human-led approach to planning, designing, and managing fiber network projects. The company leverages its advanced, patented algorithms to obtain meaningful insights from geospatial data for streamlining end-to-end project management and ensuring maximum efficiency. By standardizing this data— gathered from several existing networks and demand points— Biarri Networks minimizes deployment risks. The company quickly develops and iterates project designs with data integrity, enabling it to offer the lowest cost and most effective fiber network plans. Fiber networks built using the Biarri Networks methodology are 5- to 20-percent less expensive than the typical network design or other automated design tools.

Biarri Networks is also known for its ability to reduce human error, helping clients attain significantly consistent design excellence. The iteration of network design and engineering processes using the company’s machine-assisted approach is so rapid that they can design numerous projects in hours. In several instances, Biarri Networks has designed networks for more than 40,000 homes in a few hours.
The company’s web based software can quickly figure out millions of permutations and combinations of design and construction rules during the scaling of a project. This enabled the company to design projects for more than 17 million homes last year. Biarri Networks’ unique approach to network design is instrumental in bridging the digital divide exacerbated by pandemic-induced remote working, remote learning, telehealth, and telemedicine.

Biarri Networks’ proven technology, coupled with its detailed attention to customer challenges, enables it to serve a broad customer base. In one instance, the company helped a client build a network at a significantly reduced cost. The client approached Biarri Networks, looking for a reliable partner to assist them in fiber network modeling for one of their ambitious projects. The company took an optimized approach to designing an efficient and cost-effective network by leveraging its algorithms and data-driven approach. The client was able to complete the project at a 30 percent savings. In another instance, Biarri Networks designed broadband networks in Springfield, Missouri, covering around 115,000 homes in less than half the estimated time with digitally-driven design, engineering, and construction models.

Our aim is to generate a network algorithmically to help accelerate digital quality, connect communities, and empower people

Behind Biarri Networks’ success lies its team of industry experts and innovators who collaborate with clients, partners, and vendors to understand their specific requirements and deliver custom solutions. This customer-centric approach enables the company to serve as a trusted partner to its clients. As a global broadband networks company, Biarri Networks continues to simplify and accelerate the work of upgrading and building telecommunications networks across the globe to bridge the digital divide.

Biarri Networks

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Paul Sulisz, CEO

Biarri Networks is an expert in simplifying and optimizing complex and tedious fiber network design and deployment. As a trusted partner to fast-moving broadband companies, the company aims to generate a network algorithmically to help accelerate digital quality, connect communities, and empower people

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