Big Bang ERP: Maximize the Success of Cloud Business Transformation

Gabriel Tupula, CEO
With businesses jumping onto the cloud bandwagon to accelerate innovation and efficiency, the fast-paced industrial sector is witnessing the emergence of new cloud solutions on an almost every day basis. Thanks to its ability to deliver an enhanced customer experience, improved productivity, reduced cost, and a faster time to market, the cloud has become one of the major investments for organizations. However, a glitch emerges as most businesses consider the shift to the cloud. “The challenge is to not only keep up with all the advancements, but also remain aware of all the possibilities and understand their application so that we can offer the best to our customers,” says Gabriel Tupula, CEO of Big Bang ERP. Although the expertise in this realm is immense these days (with companies often offering one or two cloud solutions), a service provider with extensive cloud solutions that also caters to unique client requirements, is difficult to come by. Meet Big Bang ERP, an independent consulting firm that brings to the table its rich experience, in-depth industry expertise, and their proprietary methodology, ‘The Big Bang Experience™’ for implementing the best tailored solution for every client’s business-specific needs.

“Our services support and promote growth for our customer’s businesses, but it requires us to be very meticulous in our methodology to ensure this success. We differentiate ourselves from other players in the industry by offering a high quality, responsive service. Our main emphasis is on the experience, which is why we call it The Big Bang Experience™,” shares Tupula. To maximize the success of clients’ cloud business transformation, the Big Bang Experience™ follows a seven-step process— project kick off, analyze, design, build, validate, deploy, and optimize. From business process review to rescue, the company alleviates administrative burden and allows organizations to be more productive and focus on what’s important. “Living and breathing our brand promise of creating tangible value, we become an extension of the customer’s internal teams because of the ownership we take over every step of the project,” he adds.

Big Bang ERP aims to offer the best cloud solution to its customers by equipping them with the right tools, knowledge, and processes to succeed and grow.
The company’s services include implementation, integration, data migration, training, support, customization, and most importantly, rescue, where Big Bang ERP picks up the dropped ball from a failed implementation. Big Bang ERP extends five core solutions—NetSuite, Salesforce, RootStock, FinancialForce, and ServiceNow—and a plethora of extenders. The combinations for the right solutions are virtually endless.

We become an extension of the customer’s internal teams because of the ownership we take over every step of the project

Big Bang ERP comes second to none for its in-depth, industry-specific, and technical expertise and knowledge as well as responsiveness, which helps the company win the trust of its customers. “We invest heavily in the training of our team members to ensure they are both industry and functional experts. Currently, we have more than 130 NetSuite certifications,” says Tupula.

In an instance, Big Bang ERP’s expertise was sought by Mountain High Appliance, an electrical e-commerce company seeking a business solution to replace its 13-year-old computer system. The client’s initial service providers introduced them to NetSuite ERP, which suited their requirements perfectly; however, these providers struggled with the complex integration and the serialized inventory. Big Bang ERP stepped in and helped Mountain High Appliance in undoing the erroneous customizations implemented by the previous providers by introducing new customizations and cleaning up the inventory. The client witnessed almost immediate results and achieved transparency on sales profitability margins in their NetSuite dashboard in real time. The independent dispatch system installed by Big Bang ERP seamlessly works alongside NetSuite, which helped in automating the billing process further.

Continuing to define and deliver success to customers, Big Bang ERP plans to open Big Bang ERP France this year along with extending their team strength to 150 employees.

Big Bang ERP

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Gabriel Tupula, CEO

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