Big Cloud Analytics: Enabling Real-Time Marketing Predictions

CIO VendorJ. Patrick Bewley, CEO
Challenging the limits of what is possible for both himself and the marketplace is a central theme with J Patrick Bewley, the CEO of Big Cloud Analytics. Bewley is an outdoor and trail running enthusiast who competes in several ultra-marathons each year. This subtle intensity is reflected in the passion he brings to the companies he creates and the clients he serves.

A serial entrepreneur, Bewley teamed up with long time team member Bob Gentry, and his B-School Professor and co-collaborator, Dr. V. Kumar, to create Big Cloud Analytics (BCA), an Atlanta based data sciences and Analytics Company. BCA created a first of its kind analytics platform, enabling real-time predictive analytics in less than 100 milliseconds. BCA believes that their real-time algorithms for commerce, in place data scoring and strategic analytic services sets them apart from other analytics tool providers.

The company takes an object-oriented approach to analytic equation development. Its patent ending model, COVALENCE™, which powers their Customer Intelligence Engine, offers the convenience of cloud-based, elastic computational power. By combining 60 out-of-the-box COVALENCE™ models with industry specific weighting profiles and a real-time prediction engine, BCA’s customers can process robust, sophisticated, real-time predictive analytics. The software is designed so that it can be administered from a computer, tablet or smart phone and features military grade encryption and data privacy protection. Big Cloud Analytics was built from the ground up to assist companies with their predictive analytics progression; from Assessment and Strategy formulation (Pre-Analytics), to advanced analytics (Insight) and ongoing real-time predictive analytics (Actualization). Included in BCA’s analytics offerings is Customer Engagement Value, measuring the profitability provided by customers through direct engagement of purchases and indirectly through their non-purchase actions such as referrals, influencing their social networks, and providing feedback about products and services.
Financial services, retail, healthcare, CPG, media and publishing, telecommunications, airlines and travel are the major industries BCA serves. BCA’s analytics models helped IBM, to determine the long term value of its customers and focus on data analytics to provide decisions based on revenue and profit. IBM needed the metric that could bridge sales and marketing to assist its clients in making the right marketing decisions. With Dr. Kumar’s Customer Lifetime Value, IBM was not only able to achieve this goal, but generate $20 million revenue in a short period of time. Additionally, BCA’s analytics helped India’s largest ice-cream retailer, Hokey Pokey, to increase their revenue by identifying the influential sources who could market the product of the company.

Using social media, BCA monitored the conversations most discussed and the people who mostly contributed to spreading the message. While analyzing the data and identifying the social influencers, the team recruited them in their social campaign and provided training at Hokey Pokey to help promote the brand—resulting in an 83 percent increase of revenue. “We will continue to come up with additional models over the next couple of years—and are currently deepening our relationship with healthcare, financial services and retail organizations,” says Bewley. In the near future, BCA will release a new version of software to enable community-based learning, and is currently implementing pilot programs allowing companies to test real-time predictive analytics in a low risk manner.

BCA believes that their real-time algorithms for commerce, in-place data scoring and strategic analytic services sets them apart from other analytics tool providers

Big Cloud Analytics

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J. Patrick Bewley, CEO

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