Big Data Cognition: Creating Order Out of Big Data Chaos

Uttam Bandugula, Co-Founder
Creating value from the multifaceted Big Data still remains a challenging task. Adding to the woes is the absence of a single platform that can help data scientists explore data and develop models while overcoming the challenges of Big Data. The lack of business centric applications that eliminate complexities and make it easy for functional managers to leverage insights, paved way for Big Data Cognition. Headquartered in Suwanee, GA, the firm’s product suites are designed specifically to help organizations transform into analytics driven powerhouses.

“Open source technology was one of the key drivers for Big Data technology revolution, and for the foreseeable future, it will remain a critical force,” says Uttam Bandugula, Co-Founder, Big Data Cognition. The company’s Saarus based data analytics platform engrained in open source technologies provide customers with benefits that include availability of prebuilt code, technology workforce, interoperability, rich functionality, and access to future innovations at a low cost. The cloud hosted data analytics platform provides capability to deliver predictive analytics in a fraction of time and cost. Their proprietary client solutions tackle the three most common challenges faced in managing Big Data ELT workflows— Variety, Volume and Velocity—all the while gathering and transforming zettabytes of massive multi-structured datasets in real time using secure elastic cloud servers. The highly specialized algorithms that are at the heart of it all, execute in parallel, delivering quick and highly accurate predictive insights for business stakeholders. The simplistic Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the platform, with drag and drop features, makes it all the more appealing and less intimidating for new talent to hop on to the Big Data analytics bandwagon. “Our end-to-end integrated platform is specifically designed for enterprise needs and provides clients the flexibility and agility to thrive in a competitive world,” adds Bandugula.

Our products help organizations transform and be more analytics driven

Big Data Cognition not only strives to be an analytics leader that serves all of client needs, but also be agents of change that drive industry evolution through analytics, thus making their association invaluable to their clients. One of the projects currently being undertaken by Big Data Cognition involves optimizing sales promotions for the automotive industry. The company’s goal is to design and build a system that helps maximize profits from sales promotions. By combining external data sources with enterprise and consumer preference data, Big Data Cognition was able to establish the necessary platform to apply advanced analytics. The system helps assess the impact of controllable decision levers, while taking into consideration external conditions.

Furthermore, the scenario planning and forecasting features also help evaluate alternative paths. This system effectively makes every interaction with customers more personalized, resulting in higher conversion rates and more profits. Looking ahead, Big Data Cognition intends to create industry accelerator product companies that will build cloud-based analytics driven business applications and provide the necessary intelligence to make informed decisions–a venture that would involve investing in external data assets and employing Big Data technologies. “The key advantage for customers would be that they would not have to hire analytics team, nor build or maintain tools internally, but still reap the benefits of using advanced analytics across their organizations,” says Bandugula.

Big Data Cognition

Suwanee, GA

Uttam Bandugula, Co-Founder

A provider of data analysis and statistical modeling services using open source platforms.