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Bryan Phelps, CEO
Google is at the forefront of blending innovative and creative technologies with advertising platforms to develop foolproof marketing strategies that enable businesses to design interactive ad-campaigns in a cost-effective manner. To drive customer engagement, organizations need to develop personalized advertising experiences for customers by analyzing online visitor trends, demographics, and website performance. With the help of Google’s advertising platforms, Big Leap helps small to large enterprises enhance their digital strategy, from paid search and organic search optimization, to content marketing and social media. “We help companies utilize Google’s advertising tools like AdWords and Analytics to create more targeted marketing action plans,” assets Bryan Phelps, CEO, Big Leap.

As a digital marketing firm, Big Leap delivers solutions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services, social media advertisements, and content marketing. The firm undertakes extensive analysis of a client’s current marketing strategies and workflows to summarize the factors like sources of the target audience, customers’ expectations, and required website customizations. These analytics enable Big Leap to offer a best-suited platform that is in harmony with the client’s requirements. “Our solution helps companies attract new website visitors at every stage of the buying funnel,” extols Phelps.

The company’s SEO solutions help clients to improve the quality of their digital assets and ultimately drive more revenue through online channels. The process involves discovering the right keywords related to the target audience and fusing them into marketers’ organic search drive to boost search rankings and accelerate conversion rates. “We work with our clients to improve their website performance and make it more user and SEO-friendly, increasing their general online footprint,” says Phelps. The company’s SEO campaigns are seamlessly integrated with paid search and analytics services.

Through Google AdWords, Big Leap enables advertisers to bid for an ad placement in the search engine’s result pages and present the relevant ads to the right person at the right time.

Our solution helps companies attract new website visitors at every stage of the buying funnel

The firm performs in-depth research of a client’s vertical, competitor’s current strategies, and utilizes this data to evaluate the best keyword groupings that drive visitors to the website and convert them into customers. “Advertisers see rapid improvements in website performance, augmented with instant ROI for their advertising spending,” states Phelps.

Google’s advertising programs allow Big Leap to drive massive volumes of traffic and increase the brand awareness for clients’ products. Big Leap’s Google Analytics certification empowers its team to review the entire lifecycle of advertising and provide result-oriented reports like new lead generations, day-to-day ranking changes, and analysis of consumer conversion patterns. “We utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure and optimize traffic from SEO, PPC, and other relevant sources,” says Phelps.

A content marketing solution provider, Qzzr, was only ranking for a small number of keywords in the search results. Qzzr was only able to get a few keywords ranked on the top pages of the search results. “We conducted a full technical SEO audit to identify the cause of Qzzr’s ranking troubles,” adds Phelps. Big Leap’s team worked closely with the client’s team and resolved the key technical issues that were holding Qzzr back from seeing its true search engine potential. Qzzr saw a twofold increase in its organic search traffic and continual rise of the new and qualified users of its quiz platform.

By leveraging Google’s technology solutions, Big Leap concentrates on developing its ability to attribute leads or revenue to the various touch points occurring from disparate sources like mobile and social media in a buying cycle. “Our goal is to help clients shift from focusing on cost-per-lead tactics to cost to acquiring actual revenue,” concludes Phelps.

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Bryan Phelps, CEO

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