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By staying true to their motto, “Real Estate At The Speed of Thought” the exciting software startup Big Purple Dot has been making waves throughout the mortgage and real estate industry. With their forward-thinking technology and growing team, Big Purple Dot is proving itself to be more than just a CRM. “Big Purple Dot is taking the intricate process of the mortgage and real estate industry and simplifying it through the most current technology available today,” says their CEO, Roxana Davidoff. Their visionary CEO, Roxana Davidoff has been leading her team to create a lead management system with an ability to be nimble and evolve as the needs of lenders and realtors change with the times. Their system aims to simplify an already intricate process and drastically improve the experience of all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Their mobile-friendly software caters to lenders, realtors and all other stakeholders involved in the process by providing transparency of collaboration between all parties in real time. And they make it easy to manage a contact database of any size by providing automatic lead capture from all online and offline marketing sources. With every lead in one place and a direct connection with one another, lenders and realtors can easily refer leads and automatically share updates. “From contact-to-contract, we automate the lead management process, giving lending institutions, real estate firms, and single agents instant access and insights into their entire database of leads,” says Roxana Davidoff.

If you were to ask most lenders and realtors, the burning challenge in the CRM landscape for the mortgage and real estate industry has always been automating lead aggregation with effective lead prioritization and engagement features. According to Roxana, “Organization is the key to creating success. We specialize in automating the manual process and streamlining the communication to help our clients engage their customers at every stage within the sales process, from the initial inquiry to the closing.”

As soon as a lead comes into their system from sites like Zillow, Trulia, or LendingTree—these are just a few examples of the many lead sources from which leads can be automatically be captured—it is automatically labeled with the appropriate status tag(s) to create organization, visibility, and intuitive automated marketing. Their fully customizable status tags can do everything from trigger one or more follow up reminders, individual text or email messages, email or SMS drip campaigns and/or add team members and partners at the right stage within the sales process.
By offering a fully customization system, the sales workflow and automated marketing can be fully customized by a lending institution or real estate team, which enables each company to get as granular as they want.

Big Purple Dot combines every single feature between a lead's inception all the way to its closing into a single platform

To help keep a client’s customers in the loop, the system automates emails and text messages that target each customer’s preferences. According to Roxana, text messaging is currently the most effective way to streamline communication between the lender, the realtor and the customer. The ability to send, receive and track all text communication with a customer from their system has drastically increased lead conversion for their clients.

Even though the platform is an exciting business solution for individual loan officers and realtors, Big Purple Dot’s system was built with the idea of increasing the volume of sales for lending institutions and real estate firms. From an enterprise perspective, the platform’s unique top-down structure provides executives and managers with corporate visibility and robust analytics to make better data-driven decisions at the click of a button. Managers can ensure each lead is addressed as quickly as possible to maintain a higher ROI on all lead sources. Additionally, they can easily sift through the database to view and distinguish all quality leads and determine which team members are actually on track to meet their monthly quota.

What adds even more weight to Big Purple Dot’s value proposition is its unique Open House feature for the iPad. This feature gives any real estate agent the ability to charm visitors with a never-before-seen prospect right on the spot. For example, the agent might start up a conversation with a prospect about the current of their loan approval. In case they don’t have one approved yet, the agent can immediately connect that prospect to a preferred lender connected to them on Big Purple Dot. The system can automatically share that borrower’s information with the lender in real time with the real estate agents notes.

Roxana Davidoff, CEO Before the potential buyer leaves the property, they can receive a pre-approval on their loan.

Big Purple Dot has distinguished themselves from their competition because they’ve combined the most desired features with the most needed features together within one system. And they’ve done it with a system that has never lost its core focus, which has been to simplify the sales process for lenders and real estate agents. “Big Purple Dot combines every single feature between a lead’s inception all the way to its closing into a single platform,” simplifies Roxana.

As Big Purple Dot continues to make waves throughout the industry with their current CRM offering, the future holds a lot more. By coupling its existing technology with machine learning, Big Purple Dot aims to provide clients with the complete power of automation in the near future for even better results. The company has recently integrated with Dotloop, a leading transaction management platform for realtors with over 3,500 business partners. They also offer lending institutions the ability to integrate with their current Loan Origination System (LOS). An LOS integration with Big Purple Dot will include a secure borrower portal that will allow the borrower to fill out an application online and have it funnel into that lending institutions LOS system automatically. This integration enhances visibility and automates milestone updates for all parties tied to the real estate sales transaction. With integrations like Dotloop and LOS systems, Big Purple Dot is closing the loop on the financial side of things and establishing a streamlined view for every user.

Having an extensive background in the real estate space herself, the Big Purple Dot CEO has acquired invaluable first-hand insights over the years, which allowed her to steer the company in the right direction from the get-go. By fostering continuous innovation at the office, the Big Purple Dot team collaboratively works toward their mutual goals which, in return, creates success for the clients and drives value on all sides of the process.

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A complete and collaborative lead management platform which provides lending institutions and real estate firms with instant access to their entire database of leads at any time and place

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