Big Red Cloud: Provides Simple and Easy to Use Online Accounting Software

Marc O’Dwyer , CEO
“I am a risk taker, but I like to think I take calculated risks,” says Marc O’Dwyer, the CEO of Big Red Cloud. True to his word, in 2001, O’Dwyer bought a major share in a small Irish software business, Big Red Book, a firm that was operating at a loss. Under his leadership, Big Red Book, a provider of accountancy software solutions became profitable within six months and today over 35,000 SMEs use this software.

Online cloud accounting software helps small business owners and accountants who manage book keeping duties for their clients to work more productively. Managing all accounts activities in one easily accessible, secure location leads to better outcomes— business processes can be streamlined, working methods can be made more flexible, communications between departments, colleagues and clients can be improved and overheads can be reduced. Recognizing the niche in the market, the visionary O’Dwyer, with his partner Paraic Nolan, launched Big Red Cloud, the SaaS online version of Big Red Book in 2012 offering efficient, speedy and stress-free cloud accounting software. O’Dwyer explains “Big Red Cloud is the only software solution designed by accountants for accountants. It is simple to implement, works from the get go and is backed by full telephone support.”

Big Red Cloud is hosted on Microsoft’s platform, Windows Azure ensuring the highest level of infrastructure security and firewalls; all data is backed up twice in separate locations. “This approach means that even the smallest company can get large enterprise technology. The Big Red Cloud application is designed to make your accounts easier to manage and more mobile than ever. You can now log on and view your accounts from anywhere at any time. This easy to use software will allow you to manage invoicing, purchases and vat at the click of a button and will produce a full trading, profit and loss and balance sheet,” says O’Dwyer. Big Red Cloud’s online accounting software has an edge in the marketplace; it offers simple, reliable and low cost accounting software without the complexities of some of the larger alternatives in the market.

We’re here to help smart modern enterprises make better business decisions and set the foundations for future growth

With the recent launch of its API, Big Red Cloud enables the direct linking of existing software applications of its customers to Big Red Cloud’s accounting platform. Third party software providers can now develop completely new products, using API as the accounting engine such as, e-commerce platforms, CRMs or specialized billing systems.

Customers from 16 different countries use their solutions. When Roman House Ltd, a retail business faced challenges in controlling the company’s finances, they sought the help of Big Red Cloud. According to Diane Fehily, a Director of Roman House, “Big Red Cloud is easy to use and information is available immediately. When I’m working with my accountants or the revenue, we can just send things back and forth very easily. That gives me more time to work within my business as opposed to working on the business.”

Big Red Cloud takes the hassle out of accounting and continues to improve and build on its product line, along with aiming to become a much larger global player with a broad customer base.“We’re here to help smart modern enterprises make better business decisions and set the foundations for future growth,” exclaims O’Dwyer.

Big Red Cloud

Glenageary, Dublin

Marc O’Dwyer , CEO

Develops and distributes simple and easy to use online accounting software.