BigSquare: Empowering Attorneys with Business Intelligence

With the evolution of technology, the requirements of law firms have changed as attorneys are constantly being pushed to gain a better understanding of their business. “More than ever, the attorneys need to be able to quickly and easily access targeted information based on their role within the organization,” says Joshua Bignell, CEO, BigSquare Solutions. “Law firms need metrics that help keep track of their book of business—the fees collected, fees earned, and invoices. We connect to a law firm’s time and billing system and showcase the metrics they are interested in seeing, in an easy-to-use format.” BigSquare provides BI solutions and services that allow law firms and professional services organizations to quickly analyze, digest, anticipate, and act on potential opportunities and problem areas. The information produced is targeted, meaningful and able to be delivered to all members of an organization in an easily comprehensible format.

The company is using its new age technology—BigSquare Agility—with Ready-to-Use .NET based suite of applications developed exclusively for law firms and professional services organizations, fulfilling the need for targeted, reliable, and interactive information. The comprehensive suite offers leading BI application visualizations combined with targeted, role-based self-service content, giving firms insights into their book of business for better decision-making. BigSquare’s Agility suite integrates out-of-the-box with all the leading time and billing systems on the market. It is comprised of certain core applications, which are available individually or bundled together, delivering a self-service BI that can empower business users by driving innovative decision-making.

The company’s Attorney Analytics solution gathers all of a law firm’s financial data into one intuitive dashboard, making it easy for teams to access the data they need. The easy-to-use, mobile ready application assists users monitor and manage their respective books of business. The in-built role-based contexts of Attorney Analytics ensure that users gain access to the right information at the right time. It boasts of key features like access to a comprehensive library of industry standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI), simple interface, as well as current and historical tracking of all relevant attributes with .NET analysis tools for every major statistical and KPI category.

With a deep bench of talented professionals and consultants, BigSquare has the bandwidth to tackle implementations of any size

“We have built Attorney Analytics based on the industry standards. We know that every firm is different and that is why everything in Attorney Analytics can be configured based on a firm’s requirement,” adds Bignell.

Other components of the Agility suite include, Partner Performance—a peer performance comparative analysis tool used to analyze the performance of partners against defined benchmarks. Meanwhile, BigSquare’s Firm Focus coupled with Profitability application gives end-users the ability to easily perform profitability analysis on various dimensions. Lastly, BigSquare’s Matter Management offers stakeholders the ability to quickly analyze and better manage client/matter engagements.

One of the company’s clients, Armstrong Teasdale, benefitted from BigSquare’s intuitive dashboard, changing the way data and analytics were being handled. As Nick Strothmann, Business Process Manager at Armstrong elucidates, “The intuitive and user friendly dashboard put information at the fingertips of the attorneys that they could have never imagined before. Not only is all of the data there, but it is easily and quickly understood, which is what truly makes it an integral part of everyone’s daily life.” BigSquare owes its success to its people—“With a deep bench of talented professionals and consultants, BigSquare has the bandwidth to tackle implementations of any size, including custom development projects, as well as staff augmentation,” concludes Bignell.


Pittsburgh, PA

Joshua Bignell,CEO & Daniel Pasquarelli, President

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