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Marilyn Hoeffner, Director
Digital marketing campaigns can be a lot like golf in the Midwest during spring. On the course, a sunny day can quickly turn into a stormy afternoon, and in minutes a severe thunderstorm can spur a tornado warning,” begins Marilyn Hoeffner, Director of BigWing Interactive. Just like spring in the Midwest, Hoeffner understands digital marketing best practices change constantly and yesterday’s best practices can be toxic today. “New products and services are released every day which necessitates constant evaluation,” she adds. “We designed BigWing to re-define the future of high-quality, digital marketing, making the Internet a better and stronger marketplace through exceptional and creative marketing campaigns.”

For Hoeffner, the biggest pain point for most companies today is the complexity of digital marketing which has become for a key factor in growing businesses in today’s digital world. “Technology and skilled use of data and analysis make people realize working with an experienced team of digital marketers is a wise investment,” she said. “Once we analyze the performance of the campaign before, during and after our involvement, people realize do-it-yourself is not the way to go,” Hoeffner adds. The toolsets used in each digital marketing discipline vary from Google Analytics, Moz Local, and Open Site Explorer to Google’s Keyword planner and other proprietary tools.

Oklahoma-based BigWing kicks off each project with a brand brief that helps to identify the client’s business value proposition, voice, competitive positioning and their customer segmentation. When this information is identified and approved by the customer, it is used to guide each portion of the campaign, from copywriting and design to identifying the best audience segment to market to effectively. The company is confident a campaign in which all elements--from traditional off line marketing to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing,pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing--are aligned will outperform the competition every time.

BigWing is a strong advocate of Google Paid Search and remarketing to help businesses compete on an even playing field with bigger, more established companies. It allows any business to target to the most effective market and audience segment. A professionally managed paid search campaign can increase click through rate (CTR) and sales while reducing costs.
Hoeffner emphasizes that a properly managed Google Paid Search campaign can drive traffic and sales overnight. She warns that, “In the hands of an unskilled and non-certified professional, paid search can drive costs too high diminishing return on Investment (ROI).”

Over the years, BigWing’s innovative solutions have helped several clients achieve their missions and goals. INTEGRISHealth —the largest healthcare provider in the state of Oklahoma —was outranked in search engines by local competitors and national directories. BigWing got to work with exhaustive keyword research and a focused campaign that expanded over time. As a result, the client experienced 60 percent increase in organic search traffic and an estimated savings of $1.6 million per year. “Our four-year partnership with INTEGRIS illustrates the power of a lasting relationship built on trust, hard work and opencommunication,”Hoeffner said.

It is the technology, and skilled use of data and analyses that makes people realize that working with an experienced team of digital marketers is a wise investment

2015 is a pivotal year for BigWing Interactive. BigWing was one of five digital agencies in the US invited to Google headquarters in Mt. View, CA to participate in a digital marketing round table discussion. Hoeffner is positive that the company’s ongoing close relationship with Google will help them provide even better results for BigWing’s clients. The company’s goal is to work with businesses who want a real partner in their success, and who understand the importance of an ongoing digital marketing campaign. By always staying ahead of industry trends and best practices, BigWing ensures that their services will provide a strong ROI for clients. “Our team is always excited about helping businesses reach their customers and achieve their business goals,” concludes Hoeffner.

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Marilyn Hoeffner, Director

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