BillingTree: Creating Omni-Channel Payment Experiences

Edgars Sturans, President, CEO and Board Member
Amid the influx of sophisticated payment channels like mobile wallets, IVR payments, and virtual terminals for card processing, businesses are in a constant battle to balance the two most important variables at play—to have an omnichannel acceptance system in place and comply with regulatory mandates. Edgars (Edz) Sturans, the president and CEO of BillingTree points out that with different generations using different payment methods, organizations need to have everything covered one way or the other. Staying at the forefront of all next-gen payment processing technologies, BillingTree has positioned itself staunchly as a leader in this niche market as a one-stop provider of fully-compliant, integrated payments systems.

The compliance mandates that companies need to adhere to vary across federal and state rules, industry regulations, like in banking and healthcare, along with data center standards like PCI and SSAE-16. BillingTree caters to this shifting environment of payment channels with a comprehensive and integrated suite of payment services that provides merchants the ability to receive payments through credit, debit, ACH, Check 21, and HSA/Flex payments. In a similar vein, their compliance suite of services combines online knowledge resources and automated tools for defining, implementing, assessing, refining, and tracking payment compliance policies and procedures, thus providing a PCI-compliant environment that can be deployed in no time. The environment maintains a PCI schedule for the organization depending on their defined level of compliance and provides recommendations to improve the same.

BillingTree’s Payrazr Portfolio is a holistic solution that simplifies the billing and receivable processes for businesses. The comprehensive SaaS platform is designed with simplicity in mind, and it supports a broad variety of payment methods including payment portals, negotiators, gateways, IVR, and virtual terminals. The Payrazr Portfolio can be seamlessly integrated with an organization’s core systems, allowing merchants who use it to update accounts in real time and take clean payments upfront with a few clicks; this integration accounts for a payment experience that is frictionless, both from the frontend and the backend. What’s more, Payrazr’s document management facility provides a cost-effective way to manage digital assets and enables clients to remain compliant, including Regulation E fulfillment.

The platform can be customized and used to improve bottom lines by offering multiple payment types and channels while integrating with multiple host systems for better security and streamlined payment processing

In addition, BillingTree’s solutions can be deployed in any environment within few hours. Based on their customer’s inputs, “the platform can be customized and used to improve bottom lines by offering multiple payment types and channels while integrating with multiple host systems for better security and streamlined payment processing,” explains Sturans. One of BillingTree’s clients had their banking partner as their default payment processor. With limitations arising in the bank’s inability to offer the organization full-fledged support due to their small technology footprint, the client had to go for the deployment of a next-generation payment processor on an aggressive deadline. Upon discussions related to the customer’s consumer payment and back office needs, BillingTree identified five different data streams coming from five different core software systems that complicated payment acceptance due to manual processes. After aggregating all the five systems into one gateway, BillingTree was able to capture payments and update them in the platform in real time. This venture allowed clients to update the accounting systems automatically, access the data faster, and add two payment channels without any agent interaction.

BillingTree is currently working with organizations from the education sector for automating student loan collection procedures. They have plans to expand their geographical coverage to a larger degree in the U.S. and broaden their portfolio by leveraging partnerships in the next few months with Worldpay and other established firms. The company is also shifting its focus to the healthcare sector and property management, in its endeavor to automate the world, one industry at a time.


Phoenix, AZ

Edgars Sturans, President, CEO and Board Member

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