Bimarian: Building Analytical Tools that Drive Valuable Insights

Siva Pullabhotla, Founder & CEO
Although big data plays a huge role in driving consequential insights for businesses today, data deluge is a significant challenge agonizing most CIOs. Adding to this challenge in data influx is, picking the right big data vendor from the multitude of big data service providers in the market. “Furthermore, outsourcing to a third party provider entails challenges like the dearth of competent data scientists or big data engineers," remarks Siva Pullabhotla, Founder and CEO of Bimarian. Bimarian is an outsourced product development company, focused on building enterprise application platforms, big data analytics solutions, and enterprise mobile solutions. Armed with an expertise in IoT, data sciences, and big data engineering, Bimarian deploys solutions through an agile and lean process methodology with strict quality assurance standards.

As more and more organizations realize the potential of data science in fostering business insights, there is an increased demand for open source platforms like Apache Hadoop. With advantages like zero licensing cost and the ability to add new nodes to meet massive compute and storage requirements ; Hadoop is a viable choice for distributed computing and running huge workloads. However, on the flipside, the learning curve for gaining the skill and knowledge to successfully deploy and implement Hadoop ecosystem can be strenuous. “Despite the rich set of Hadoop distribution platforms and data crunching and analysis capability, a lack of in-house expertise can lead to several setbacks in Hadoop adoption,” explains Pullabhotla. Curtailing such entry barriers in deploying a Hadoop ecosystem and other open source technologies, Bimarian provides consultancy, support, and services around Big data platforms & tools (such as Cloudera/Hortonworks/Spark/Spark Streaming/Hbase/Cassandra/Kafka etc.) Striving to provide functional and cost-effective solutions for clients, the company also develops Cloud based Analytics platforms for IOT.

In one instance, for a leading credit card issuer based in Singapore, Bimarian developed an analytics application bringing enhanced visibility in consumer behavior, share of wallet, and patterns of spending.

We aim at being the one stop shop for all the big data technologies

The solution was built on Cloudera stack and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Spark SQL was used for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and the transformed data was stored in Hbase. “We also analyzed metrics related to credit card spends by state/ city and industry,” says Pullabhotla. This benefitted the client’s partners as now they can target promotions based on spend and trend charts for various geographical regions.

In addition, Bimarian exhibits a significant prowess in developing visualizations using tools like high charts and Tableau, based on a client’s needs. “While there are several technology tools available for better data visualization, some are licensed and expensive. We constantly keep in mind the cost, scalability, availability, and performance request of our customers in order to build the most suitable platform,” remarks Pullabhotla. Due to huge amount of data that comes from sensor devices, actionable insights can be derived from IoT devices. Bimarian also offers real-time stream analytics and batch analytics for organizations seeking to gain the maximum value from their IoT initiatives. In the case of a San Francisco based start-up, Bimarian built an IoT analytics solution that works on both Cloudera stack as well as SAP HANA.

Guided by a vision to leverage their solutions, in accordance to technology trends, Bimarian is currently developing their IoT stream processing solutions. “We want to be perceived as leading vendors and system integrators in the big data arena and we aim at being the one stop shop for all the big data technologies,” ends Pullabhotla.


Santa Clara, CA

Siva Pullabhotla, Founder & CEO

A product engineering company focused on building enterprise application platforms, big data analytics solutions and enterprise mobile solutions