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Krishna Murthy, President & CEO
Manufacturing companies employ a suite of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools serving multiple processes-from engineering design through manufacturing and end-of-life. At the same time, unique engineering and business needs are demanding localized solutions interfacing with existing PLM tool sets. Headquartered in Northville, MI, BIMCON Inc. is a premium independent PLM services company working closely with manufacturers to help them achieve their PLM goals by providing strong advisory and technology services based on more than a decade of unique expertise and knowledge.

BIMCON’s forte is in delivering solutions by using the synergies across two inter-related business focus areas— innovation and implementation. BIMCON has developed innovative methodologies and technical solutions to support PLM needs within the manufacturing, in particular, the automotive, industry. “At BIMCON we have conceptualized pioneering solutions in the areas of CAD, CAE and Sustainable Product Development,” says Krishna Murthy, President and CEO, BIMCON.

At the same time, BIMCON is active in business process re-engineering deployments of the innovations and other PLM-driven products. The company has a distinctive demonstrated ability of simultaneously understanding and supporting both business and IT needs. BIMCON’s tools can thus be used by both the business users and IT support teams. For instance, prior to the deployment of major PLM software, all companies wish to perform "Performance, Scalability and Load" (PSL) testing to ensure effective software performance under the variety of, and interacting, business and technology constraints.

BIMCON has worked with automotive OEMs to develop a comprehensive model that represents, simulates, and predicts the behavior of the also optimize the business processes to align with and maximize the use of the available infrastructure.

BIMCON predicts long-term needs and develops tools in advance to provide future best-of-the-breed services. Its decision support framework for sustainability assessment, developed over multiple Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grants from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a prime example.

We offer customized solution to the automotive companies that help them mitigate critical business issues

This framework provides the model and approach for enabling sustainable product designsusing tools to rapidly cascade attribute targets throughout the entire Bill of Material. One of its many unique features is that its architectural foundations apply uniformly to all attributes making the solution easily extensible and with the ability to manage several attributes in one dashboard. BIMCON is now looking forward to commercializing this technology that is crucial to every company’s desire to effectively manage sustainability requirements.

“Our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, access to key business and technical personnel within and outside the companies and ability to quickly provide effi cient solutions differentiates us from our competition,” says Murthy. Successful implementation of state-of-the-art PLM solutions could require signifi cant re-engineering of the business process. BIMCON has leveraged its expertise in PLM and product development to successfully re-engineer major engineering and business planning processes in global automotive OEMs.

For the road ahead, BIMCON is working on Proof-of- Concepts focused on integrating PLM-based structured data with unstructured data within the corporate eco-system. The company evaluating integration of product development data with product experience data for analysis and prediction. “We aim to advance methodologies for large scale PLM solutions managing and harnessing big data in the autonomous vehicle development; this includes conceptual business areas like management, governance and policy development,” Murthy concludes.


Northville, MI

Krishna Murthy, President & CEO

Provides trusted strategic and technical expertise to the automotive Industry in process re-engineering, functional specification and solution development with PLM Services for product development.