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Layne Sup, CEO
Disasters can unleash their fury unexpectedly, anywhere and anytime, in the form of natural events, hacking, human errors, thefts or other incidents. In the aftermath, companies are left to pick up the pieces, which involve a multi-year and resource-intensive recovery effort to salvage businesses, restore processes and shore up infrastructure. Considering the financial damage created by an unforeseen outage, it is critical that companies heed the lessons to plan and be better prepared with a detailed recovery strategy in place.

Aligned with this need, Binary Net has made its mark as the vanguard of integrated data center services by helping organizations with its solid backup and disaster recovery plan that includes facilities, bandwidth, hardware, and services. The company ensures the safety of data and applications with its robust disaster recovery solution that encompasses everything from off-site backups, replication services, tape storage, and redundant servers to private bandwidth solutions and redundant worksites. From healthcare and banking to e-Commerce and online websites, Binary Net implements its technology across all industries and verticals to address customer challenges in the disaster recovery space. Backed by a talented team, rich technical expertise and deep-level understanding of customer needs, Binary Net partnered with Infinite Systems and Information Analytics to form a powerful combination for engineering and delivering the right disaster recovery solutions to its customers.

What makes the company unique is the fact they are built in a Federal Reserve Bank Vault in the geographic center of the United States. With such a perfectly safe location built to survive any natural disaster, Binary Net offers internet connections and hosts servers as a disaster recovery facility for its customers to protect their hardware and data. “With 30-inch concrete walls and a 17-ton vault door, our disaster recovery facility is built like a tank,” states Layne Sup, CEO, Binary Net.

Binary Net provides highly reliable technology infrastructure and virtual servers for customers to instantly fetch data from disaster recovery facilities without hindering business operations. Binary Net offers a hands-on service to leverage Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and VMware infrastructures for enhanced data management, resource optimization, application availability and operational automation capabilities.

Our ability to listen to customer issues, understand their needs and always deliver more than we promise keeps us ahead of the competition

These virtualization infrastructures are structured on data storage pools and can be adjusted to suit the client’s process performance needs. The infrastructure in high-performance systems is engineered to process data directly from live servers while the low-performance systems can utilize the infrastructure as a set of backup drives to store data. Apart from virtualization of servers, Binary Net also offers rich technical advisor expertise which sets it apart from its competitors. “Our ability to listen to customer issues, understand their needs and always deliver more than we promise keeps us ahead of the competition,” adds Sup.

One of Binary Net’s clients, an e-Commerce firm with its primary infrastructure and website hosted on Rackspace, had lingering doubts about the backup efficiency and was in need of a secondary location to back up the data. Binary Net was quick to put things into perspective and scheduled an interview with the firm, gaining insights into their needs and concerns. On analyzing the requirements, Binary Net implemented a replication environment with the disaster recovery facility in Lincoln as a secondary location for the client to utilize. The client’s systems were put into replication mode where all data would be copied to the facility in Lincoln. After a few test runs, the e-Commerce firm was able to cut over and engage the recovery systems in replicating all data between Rackspace and Binary Net in a short amount of time. Impressed by the ability to transport data seamlessly, the firm today processes all its transactions with Binary Net as its primary facility.

Moving forward, Binary Net plans to leverage its infrastructures in Lincoln and Omaha to grow and expand its customer base across the US. The Omaha location is a carrier hotel with over 40 carriers with local, national, and international reach.

Binary Net

Lincoln, NE

Layne Sup, CEO

Founded in 1996, Binary Net is an integrated data center services provider. The company invests in highly credible technology infrastructure for supporting enterprises that are in need of keeping applications, data, and communications accessible and secure. The enterprise deploys various carriers for the Internet, uses redundant BGP routing, and uses best-path technology to ensure the fastest, efficient, and most absolute Internet route to the end-user with redundant fail-over. The company understands the business requires the appropriate applications and information that provide it a competitive advantage. The company specializes in Bandwidth, Web Hosting, Colocation, Backup Solutions, and VPS