Binary Tree: Migrating Clients Across the Globe to Microsoft Exchange Solutions

Steven Pivnik, CEO
According to the statistics, around 50 million users are currently running on older versions of Microsoft Exchange and approximately 30 million users around the world are planning to board on to different Microsoft platforms, whether on premises or in the cloud. As this sheer number represents a large opportunity in the industry, Binary Tree, a Microsoft Gold Messaging Partner, provides migration software and solutions that facilitate complex migrations both on premises and in the cloud.

Headquartered in New Jersey, Binary Tree is a migrations solution provider for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Windows Server environments. In 2014, the company was awarded Microsoft’s Messaging Partner of the Year. With more than two decades in the industry, the firm specializes in e-mail migration that helps organizations transition their email infrastructure to Microsoft Exchange, as well as produces software to migrate Active Directory and Windows Server environments.

The expertise of Binary Tree lies in the company’s 20-year history working on customers’ messaging environments. According to Steven Pivnik, CEO, of Binary Tree, millions of customers around the globe still run on Lotus Notes and old Exchange versions. The firm gives customers the ability to transform this environment and collaborate more efficiently so they can capitalize on their Microsoft Exchange environment on-premises or in the cloud. “We help our customers effortlessly move from older versions to the latest versions of the Microsoft Exchange platform,” says Pivnik.

Binary Tree has established itself on the messaging platform, providing services to over 6,000 worldwide customers representing over 30 million mailboxes. The company has successfully delivered solutions to clients like Coca-Cola, Discovery Communications, Union Bank of California, and the American Cancer Society.
A recent customer success story involved Essex Property Trust Inc., a fully integrated real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires, develops, redevelops, and manages multi-family residential properties in the western U.S. A need to improve communication throughout the organization was a key driver for Essex’s decision to upgrade its email platform. After a brief, do-it-yourself attempt to migrate mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365, Essex Property Trust sought a solution and outside provider expertise to complete the effort on a faster timetable. The client used Binary Tree’s E2E Complete, which was recently awarded a Best of TechEd award. The client’s 1,200 employee mailboxes were migrated from multiple, on-premises Microsoft Exchange environments to Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud. Benefits of the migration included: a faster migration with minimal impact on users; a simpler, more manageable email environment; and the ability to take full advantage of the functionality of Microsoft Office 365.

“Our sole focus on the messaging space makes us stand out,” claims Pivnik. In working with many of the largest firms in the world, Binary Tree is able to calculate the run-time and efforts of client projects so they do not exceed the client’s budget, while lowering risk and downtime. “We are using a best-in-class technology and a proven methodology, along with being a trusted advisor to help our customers that are going through this transition,” Pivnik adds.

Binary Tree is positively adopted for the future. The company plans to continue building stronger ties with Microsoft on its upcoming products. “We are dedicated to meeting business demands with reduced time and dollar investment for our clients,” concludes Pivnik.

Binary Tree

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Steven Pivnik, CEO

Global provider of migration software and solutions for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, and Windows Server environments