Birch Communications: Hosted Cloud Services Augment Productivity

Vincent Oddo, President and CEO
With the rapid proliferation of new technologies and the need for constant flux in businesses, CIOs are challenged to lead with speed and embrace change to succeed in the competitive market today. The need of the hour is for information technology professionals, engineers and business managers to drive business value internally and externally. This can be attained not only through cost-cutting and productivity-boosting measures, but also using change management initiatives that translate into generating value for the business and its customers.

Enter Birch Communications—a communications and technology service provider, catering to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale companies with the goal of generating future value for the businesses and their customers. Built on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, Birch provides enhanced management and stewardship practices to its customers by selling and delivering Cisco powered services.

“These services enable customers to achieve faster time to value by minimizing technology life cycle complexity to reduce costs and risks,” explains Vincent Oddo, President and CEO, Birch. Expanded through the acquisition of several communications companies and internal organic growth, Birch provides high-quality, reliable communications, broadband, cloud and IT services nationwide, to any-sized business. With a relentless focus on delivering superior customer service, the company leverages its powerful combination of cloud product offerings with the Cisco hardware platform. “This combination allows small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale companies to utilize the Cloud to run their businesses just as efficiently as larger enterprise companies,” says Oddo.

Birch conducts extensive research to identify market opportunities and gaps in the industry today. The best product strategy for profitability and long term sustainability is determined by the company’s marketing and product development teams, based on business intelligence and product analysis metrics. Dedicated to providing its customers with the best support in the industry, including a holistic suite of applications for its clients’ communications and IT needs, the company has the ability to address the total communication and technology requirements of any business.

Our ability to address the total communication and technology needs of any business in all 50 states makes us stay ahead of the competitive curve

In an interesting case study, a rapidly expanding, full service eye care company was actively focused on consolidating their IT and computing infrastructure. While hosting their servers in-house and experiencing recurring downtime, as well as ongoing maintenance costs, the company had limited remote access, significant upfront costs to replace existing equipment and legacy infrastructure challenges. Identifying the opportunity through a customer referral, Birch’s dedicated support team responded immediately to the issues and appointed a top-tier SQL team to fully manage their platform, hardware and patching. Birch provided complete solutions like its SOC2/SOC3 compliant TotalCloud Data Center, to all locations—connected using Birch access. As a result, the client received immediate, account-level support, increased efficiency by shifting to a fully-managed service and custom-design services for better performance of their IT infrastructure. Being open to change, the client is focused on continued innovation—in order to strengthen its competitive advantage and to deliver better products and services to meet customer requirements.

Moving forward, while growing organically, the company will continue to uncover additional mergers and acquisition (M&A) opportunities that stand to benefit Birch. Utilizing a ‘tuck-in’ acquisition strategy, Oddo identifies these financially or operationally distressed companies whose assets would otherwise compliment Birch’s current footprint. In addition, the company is further developing its current Metro Fiber initiatives to increase the number of fiber-lit buildings to over 1,500 by 2016.

Birch Communications

Atlanta, GA

Vincent Oddo, President and CEO

A leading nationwide provider of communications, network and cloud services to small,mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses with the goal of generating future value for customers.