BirchStreet Systems: End-to-End Cloud Based Solutions for the Modern Casino

Sushil Garg, CEO
The casino and gaming industry is undergoing a major shift due to multiple economic, geographic, and technological factors. Casinos are moving away from inefficient, manual processes while trying to keep in step with the latest technologies to keep their customers interested and engaged. Due to the huge number of transactions, casinos are incorporating cloud-based platforms into their technology strategy. Cloud technology platforms continue to gain momentum with casinos as they allow for real-time, easy and secure access to many operational functions.

The casino floor has always been the main focus for generating revenue and profitability, but back-office operations are equally important. “The platform functionality allows casino operations to attain greater profitability and quickly achieve ROI. To stay competitive, companies need real-time data and visibility to make better and faster decisions while being able to account for all spending and keep within budget,” states Sushil Garg, CEO of BirchStreet Systems.

BirchStreet provides casinos and global enterprises with cloud based procure-to-pay automation software and services to improve efficiency and increase profits. BirchStreet offers SaaS based operating and reporting tools to improve business processes by automating eProcurement, AP 3-Way Auto-Match, Inventory Control, Recipe Management System and Capital Budget Management modules. The platforms creates visibility and control into back-office processes and company spend.

The issues of compliance, control, and security loom large over casinos as they require efficient systems on a large scale. The California based company improves business processes by automating manual processes within purchasing, accounting, inventory and recipe management functions. Having the ability to access business intelligence and reporting in back-office operations, reduce costs for BirchStreet customers. “Increased visibility allows casinos and gaming operations to attain greater profitability by improving process efficiencies through automation,” adds Garg.

“We provide a combination of technology and services to achieve bottom line results.” BirchStreet’s SaaS operating and reporting tools close the gap between the current and the desired compliance of standard operating procedures within the procure-to-pay process (P2P).

Our cloud based procure-to-pay solution allows users to access critical information 24x7 anywhere globally in real-time

A P2P system is a fully integrated and automated end-to-end business process, which starts with suppliers, continues with ordering and receiving, and ends with payment. The P2P platform helps to improve business processes by centralizing purchasing, accounting and inventory and other modules available, which is more cost effective than decentralized systems. The solution can integrate with other third party systems, including a customer’s ERP or accounting system, human resources, POS or other software. “Our cloud based procure-to-pay solution allows users to access critical information 24x7 anywhere globally in real-time,” adds Garg.

The company has successfully helped clients worldwide with their platform. For instance, Southland Park Gaming and Racing, one of BirchStreet’s customers, reported that inventory control, tracking, and efficiency were a challenge for gaming operations. However, by using the BirchStreet platform, Southland Park Gaming and Racing was able to reduce the preceding manual processes by 90 percent. “The guess work is eliminated with an automated system allowing for accurate budget and reporting numbers,” says Garg.

As casinos recognize significant benefits to procure-to-pay technology and the associated cost savings, BirchStreet is experiencing a growing number of customers requesting these services. Today, BirchStreet’s customers are some of the largest hospitality companies in the world, including worldwide enterprises like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood, Omni, Four Seasons, Isle of Capri and many others. “Our goal is to have comprehensive and cutting edge functionality along with providing our customers with the best technology and service,” states Garg. Moving ahead, BirchStreet seeks to expand into a more diversified market.

BirchStreet Systems

Newport Beach, CA

Sushil Garg, CEO

A provider of cloud-based procure-to-pay automation solutions to hospitality, gaming, restaurants, food manufacturing and distribution, healthcare, airports and other industries

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