Biscom: A Secure Document Delivery Expert

Bill Ho, CEO
As cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and brazen, every piece of information is under scru¬tiny. Though the modern business world is cultivating new and improved security technologies, companies often fail to en¬sure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Cloud and BYOD are two aspects of security that are becoming increasingly important. “The key lies in creating solutions that not only support strong security, but also ensure an excel¬lent user experience,” says Bill Ho, CEO, Biscom, who is redefining the enterprise security space through secure document delivery solutions. “We provide tools that help people share and collaborate any type of media, whether they’re office documents, presentations, faxes, and any other file type. Security and encryption is built into all of our solutions to ensure data integrity.”

FAXCOM is Biscom’s flagship fax solution – that can be deployed as an on-premises production fax server, as a cloud-based solution, or a hybrid of both that supports business continuity and peak load conditions. While fax has been around a while, Biscom’s latest generation of fax technology includes powerful security and administrative control, an advanced policy and rules-based routing engine, and complex workflow capabilities. “FAXCOM is the most feature-rich, scalable, and reliable fax solution in the market,” says Ho.

Biscom also offers a web and mobile-based secure file transfer solution. “We designed SFT to be like email, but it includes security and administrative controls without the size restrictions on emails that enterprises require. We protect files when they are at rest and also in transit. We track all file transfer activity with enough granularity to be used for auditing purposes. As a result, users now have a better way for people to share files quickly, easily, and securely,” Ho explains.Empowering companies to send, receive, and track confidential information with immense security, Biscom builds the foundation to prevent data breaches and helps companies solve the problems of FTP, large email attachments, and reliance on IT to transfer files securely.

The key lies in creating solutions that not only support strong security, but also ensure an excellent user experience

Biscom’s Verosync solution addresses the concerns many companies have around consumer-based syncing tools that flaunt IT groups’ security protocols. “For instance, almost anyone in an organization can simply download Dropbox and sync a folder within their network to the Dropbox cloud,” Ho points out. Once a file is uploaded in the Dropbox folder, it is immediately synced with all the devices that a user has linked. Suddenly, corporate data has been exfiltrated to endpoints that may not meet the security requirements of corporate devices, IT is completely unaware of this data passing through its firewalls. To solve the demands of end users for easy access and sharing of files, Verosync layers in additional administrative capabilities that provide additional security, visibility into behavior, and better control over permissions and roles while syncing.

Highlighting a case study, Biscom helped St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Louis migrate from fax machines to a digitized and automated fax workflow for patient scheduling. “We eliminated lost faxes and allowed the hospital to increase the number of patients it could schedule, resulting in better patient satisfaction and increased revenue,” Ho recalls.

Biscom has evolved from a hardware-based fax server to software and cloud solutions that not only support fax, but any kind of file transfer and synchronization. Biscom just recently announced plans to offer cybersecurity consulting to help companies raise their security posture and be better prepared to fend off the ever-increasing data breaches and hacking attacks.


Chelmsford, MA

Bill Ho, CEO

Offering secure document delivery solutions for enterprise file sharing and collaboration