BISIL: Catering to High-end requirements of BPM Processes

Manoj Sinha, CEO
Every enterprise is unique in its operations, and a significant portion of these operations are automated through standardized software products or other analogous systems. However, in many cases, many core operations might not undergo this process. Mostly, many of the functional challenges for an organization arise from such non-automated activities. BISIL, a Pennsylvania headquartered BPM solution provider has a unique focus on filling these gaps in an organization with respect to complete automation.

BISIL has been implementing best-in-class BPM products for almost two decades. The firm has successfully catered to high-end BPM automation requirements of some of the leading players belonging to Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, and Manufacturing industries.

At the core of BISIL’s business process automation offering is Enj which is an enterprise class BPM software. Traditionally, business automation processes required extensive programming codes to be created manually. Enj addresses this concern effectively by extending desirable configuration and automation for business processes, without having to write extensive codes. Enj uses process models that look like flowcharts, and eliminates the need for long programs. These process models are easy to prepare and understand, and any future changes with respect to automation are brought in by merely making alterations in these processes. “With its no-code low-code” facility, the software provides businesses with increased flexibility and capability to evolve with requirement-based solutions. In fact, Enj finds applicability in most of the BPM processes when it comes to automation requirements”, explains Manoj Sinha, CEO, BISIL. Enj also serves as a good close fit initial solution. This means that wherever an organization employs different processes, Enj, materializes development of flowcharts that are specific to an organization as well as its BPM requirements.

Since Enj is tailor-made for larger enterprises, several small and medium-level firms are devoid of its benefits. BISIL tackles their issue with Sigmify.
With Sigmify, BISIL is planning to collaborate with huge numbers of small and medium category organizations. Manoj describes Sigmify as an astounding combination of business process management and social collaboration. It allows users to integrate existing systems and better leverage their workforce.

At one instance, the automation need was critical for GFS Crane, an enterprise class DCIM Software from GreenField Software, a high-end software provider based in India. Since the automation requirements were highly complex, a portal with unique collaboration capabilities was required. After a thorough search, Sigmify, from BISIL was selected. Sigmify as an operational portal was chosen because of its ability to enable collaboration within an organization as well as to enable firms to identify and automate business processes.

The use of Sigmify enhanced the value and utility aspects of GFS Crane, which, further paved way for improved collaboration among data center operation teams, mangers, and business users. It became convenient for people to distribute information, documents, screenshots, and similar material, as it was needed in the context of varied transactions and conversations. Additionally, the platform was set-up with no difficulty, without unnecessary costs and requirement for complex infrastructure.

BISIL is among the few companies offering completely integrated BPM suites

BISIL also extends consultation services that differ from traditional consulting, as they are centered on their BPM products. “We have invested heavily in social collaboration tools and methodologies that are in turn incorporated to BPM processes. BISIL is among the few companies offering completely integrated BPM suites. Our clients are never provided with partial functionalities”, informs Manoj.


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Manoj Sinha, CEO

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