Bit-Lever: Shaping Employee-Employer Relationships

Andy Schrider, Founder & CEO
The call center industry is known to be a stressful environment where the agents face high consumer expectations and experience pressure to meet company standards. This pressure is compounded by the continuous endeavor to exceed performance metrics while managers continuously scrutinize their service quality, potentially overcomplicating the customer experience. As a result, organizations fail to retain their employees and end up with low tenure and high turnover rates. Motivation and encouragement can work like magic and instill agents with the enthusiasm needed to excel that will lead to growth and productivity in the business. “Our gamification software is at the heart of the struggle for most agents, injecting energy into their day-to-day operations and transforming the call center into an engagement center,” says Andy Schrider, the founder and CEO of Bit-Lever. “High energy engagement will not last forever if it lacks the proper intelligence. Our tools have the power to attract the attention of the agent and use Business Intelligence to guide them for the best outcome. The most precious asset in any call center is time.” Implementing gamification software solutions to revitalize engagement and competition for its clients’ workforce has made Bit-Lever a force to reckon with.

The firm follows a unique systematic process to leverage its software for its clients. They begin by understanding the goals of the customer and how the agents are managed to meet the expectations of the organization. This step is followed by connecting to the client’s system to extract 90 days of historical data pertaining to Key Performance Metrics. Bit-Lever, through its standalone platform—AgentPRO—along with its consulting side, works with every client to make sure the gamification formulas are correctly calculated to appropriately incentivize the agents.

The platform is also equipped with various management tools that monitor quality assurance, track questions asked by agents and escalated calls to the supervisor.

Our gamification program is at the heart of the struggle for most agents, injecting energy into their day-to-day operations and transforming the call center into a revenue center

The system will cater recommendations for corrective action and coaching based on an individual agent’s performance. The supervisor can log in at any time and get a complete analysis of the productivity, coaching, and performance of every employee in the company. These tools, in addition to data connections to the client’s other systems, are what provides a holistic view of the contact center within Bit-Lever.

Bit-Lever has clients who have contact centers of various sizes, mostly supporting consumers in the U.S. There was one such client—a big company with 3,000 employees and an annual revenue of $1.5 billion—that dealt with consumer services; they had a small team working in call centers that faced inconsistent conversion rates in attempting to get people to book appointments for services. But in just under a period of six months, the client was able to increase their appointment conversion by 20 percent, thanks to Bit-Lever’s tools and incentive gamification.

Apart from focusing on clients in the sales and back office divisions, Bit- Lever is also looking to expand in the learning management space. “Our goal is to look at our gamification program as a gap-filler within and outside the call center space, and I am sure our solutions will prove to be impactful to the bottom line,” concludes Andy.


Fort Myers, FL

Andy Schrider, Founder & CEO

Provides a gamification platform that brings competition and engagement to the call center agents