BITNET: Adaptive Real-time Interactive Big Data Analysis with On-Premise HPC

Ali Serdar Atalay, CEO
Ushering the era of big data, HPC infrastructures today aim to generate actionable insights and uncover useful information from business data. Every year the US Department of Defense invests millions in supercomputers, open-systems, and analytics for real-time data discovery. Most importantly, enterprises today, are in need for sophisticated HPC hardware and software for easy data accessibility and interpretation to address a wide spectrum of challenges in the defense sector like cyber security, and fraud detection. However, adaptive, interactive and real-time processing of the data still remains an uphill task for the CIOs working with complex machine programs. “In such a scenario, a simplified, seamless unified model of on-premise GPU-based clusters and novel HPC datacenter can facilitate in modeling and simulation of complex physical systems for data visualization and advanced analytics in real time,” says Ali Serdar Atalay, CEO, BITNET.

BITNET’s platform offers unified framework to unlock insights housing in heaps of data with real-time computing resources where complex computations for cyber security, e-health, traffic planning etc., are processed and visualized parallel at faster magnitude directly on-premise, where and exactly when it is needed most.

In the defense arena where Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly using real-time streaming of images, BITNET provides a platform to process the images with clustered GPUs. “We assist in on-premise processing of data in the form of patterns rather than carrying them all the way to a specific center for interpretation. We assist end-users to get relevant data and visualize their jobs with a unified framework and simple API without getting deep understanding into system details,” illustrates Atalay.

BITNET offers a web-based GPU accelerated visualization engine using which programmers can remotely access all data from anywhere, any device. FNSS joint venture of BAE systems, a manufacturer and supplier of tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles and weapon systems for the Turkish and Allied Armed Forces, approached BITNET to enhance the speed of simulations.

We assist in on-premise processing of data in the form of images or texts rather than carrying them all the way to a specific center for interpretation

Utilizing its engine, BITNET enabled the client to lower the processing time of the simulations from weeks to days, and visualize their simulations directly from their remote desktops. In another instance, BITNET proactively engaged with a Turkish research agency, for content on television channels. “Our framework provides easy to use environment to video analysis engines that analyzes all streaming channel content to identify inappropriate content on TV,” points out Atalay.

In addition to this, the company is starting to work with cyber security experts in ITEA cluster called ALADIN to build an airport security engine. “The cyber security experts will rely on BITNET computing and visualization engine to meet the needs of a real-time infrastructure for developing customer solutions,” explains the CEO.

BITNET follows the waterfall mechanism of project development to understand the needs of the customers from the diverse sectors. Approaching the problem as software development framework, “We meet different needs by providing a customized questionnaire to understand customer’s application. The process follows understanding customer needs, preparing feasibility and requirement documents, building architecture to map the requirements, this process makes our solution easy-to-use and adaptable,” adds Atalay.

Envisaging the growth of on-premise HPC for enormous computations, BITNET aims to become the leading provider of an infrastructure that brings the real-time on premise computing to two data-intensive computing paradigms, HPC and big data, together. The company is also contemplating to expand its roots UAE and U.S.


Istanbul, Turkey

Ali Serdar Atalay, CEO

Provides real-time analytics research and development framework for HPC and big data solutions